ARIES Unveils Next Gen Powered Running Boards at Keystone BIG Show

It’s a challenge to innovate in the Jeep and truck accessories aftermarket, especially when you’re going for groundbreaking style and function. ARIES is unveiling a product that accomplishes both right now at the Keystone BIG Show.

The all-new ActionTrac™ powered running boards are arguably the next generation in running board technology. Why? For starters, this product features a unique, step-within-a-step™ design. Unlike other retractable running boards, this new breed features a step-within-a-step™. One step is provided on top of the main housing with a full-length, non-skid tread that contours high and tight to the rocker panels. The other is deployed automatically by smart sensors when the door is opened.

Cool? We thought so.


Powered Up

Think about climbing into your full-size, lifted truck or Jeep out there on the trail. Better yet, what about bringing the family along for the adventure? The power step of ActionTrac™ running boards drops 8” below the top step, which is up to 15” below the inside doorsill (depending on the application). That’s a lot of vertical, and it allows for safer, easier entry and exit. Plus, when it’s time to go off road, it all conveniently folds up when the door closes, out of harm’s way for maximum ground clearance.

For added safety, the smart sensors of these power running boards also detect obstructions. They will immediately stop operation whether opening or closing if they hit an obstacle. This eliminates the risk of pinching and avoids damage to the steps.

Durable and Stylish Upgrade

There’s also the element of style to consider, and these next gen power running boards deliver. The main housing – with its secondary top step – mounts flush with the sides of the vehicle. This allows for a unique, contoured look. When the steps are retracted, they are concealed within the housing and are protected from the elements (along with all of the internal electrical components, including a strong, quiet, maintenance-free, single rotary motor).

These running boards are made in the USA from extruded aluminum with a tough textured black powder coat finish. They’re strong and durable, yet lightweight and non-corrosive. Furthermore, because they contour to the rocker panels, they offer extra protection against scuffs and scratches from debris on the trails.

We should also mention that ARIES’ new powered running boards offer a no-drill, vehicle-specific installation. That’s right. Put away the drill bits and breathe easy. The boards use pre-existing factory holes and do not require alignment like other power running boards. They are also rated for 650 pounds, have integrated LED lights for visibility in low-light conditions, and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Did we also mention they’re made in USA? Well, it’s worth repeating. These powered running boards are available for the Jeep Wrangler, as well as select truck and SUV applications—shop owners, get buyin’. 

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