America’s Top Funnymen Are Representing the Auto Industry

Sweet rides, a good beer, and some hearty laughs. A few of life’s greatest joys, eh? While we’ve all spent a great deal of time under the hood with a cold one close within reach and our favorite shows running in the background, how many of us have stopped to consider just how many of those funnymen share the same pastimes as us? Believe it or not, many red carpet celebrities are actually big time car enthusiasts. Not all of the guys who make us laugh are total goons with nothing better to do than rehearse their lines over and over again in their spare time. In fact, a number of them spend their time weaving through switchbacks, testing their rides at the track, and showing up the competition on an open road. Hands down, some of our favorite funnymen are representing the auto industry. First up, Jay Leno’s Garage!

Jay Leno’s Garage

Alright, we’ll start off with an easy one: Jay Leno. The former Tonight Show host has always been open about his mistress—a car collection that would make any gearhead foam at the mouth. You’re living under a rock if you aren’t aware of his new hit show Jay Leno’s Garage. In fact, he not only shows off his own car collection in the series, but also some of those that belong to other funnymen on our list. As for his badge of choice, Leno’s love for cars is totally unbiased. He shows appreciation for the whole lot of them and treats each one like a precious little snow flake.

With nearly 300 vehicles in his personal collection (yep, you heard that correctly), Leno is the proud owner of many of the finest and greatest automobiles of all time. How impressive can it really be? Well, his approximate net worth is $350,000,000, and his prized automobile collection is responsible for around $50,000,000 of it. You’ll find everything from antiques dating back to the early 20th century and some of the baddest muscle cars, to the most amazing supercars ever created and an impressive number of motorcycles. And get this, unlike us humans these days, they all coexist together in this incredible multi-million dollar collection.

It’s no wonder the Jay Leno’s Garage web series has nearly 43 episodes over the span of four seasons, with more than 300 videos uploaded to the channel to date. He’s as funny as they come, for sure. But his appreciation and enthusiasm is the type of passion that truly keeps the automotive industry alive. Hats off to Leno!

David Letterman

You didn’t think Leno was the only late night talk show host to make this list, or one of the only funnymen representing the auto industry, did you? Shame, shame…  Former Late Show host, David Letterman, also loves his vroom vroom. He’s certainly no Leno, with only a “measly” 28-car collection; however, 10 of those rides happen to be Ferraris. The remainder of the collection boasts names like Mercedez-Benz, MG, and even has an oddity in the lineup—a Chevy pickup. What you may not know is that he is also the owner of the Rahal Letterman Lanigan racing team. Say whattt?

Tim Allen

As a man who has portrayed the “American everyman” time after time in television and film, it’s no surprise Tim Allen has a lot in common with us grease monkeys. In addition to Allen’s hilarious comedic delivery, he also has a serious passion for classic automobiles. Though Allen’s collection is properly fitted with all sorts of beautiful Chevrolets, Porsche’s, and other gems, he’s a proud Ford man; one who also happens to own a custom built COPO Camaro. But hey, who’s judging? Remember that episode of Home Improvement where he was spotted secretly lusting over his wife’s Austin Healey? He may be a Ford dude, but his range of appreciation is across the board. Industry pals with fellow car lover Jay Leno, viewers hang on every word and laugh uncontrollably when these two funnymen “co-star” in an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage.

Jerry Seinfeld

The star of the hit sitcom Seinfeld is most notably known for his unique sense of humor and dry delivery. What you might not know is that the comic has as much love for cars as he does standup. In fact, like the majority of us, his passion was born as a young man with a thing for motorcycles. His impressive car collection is littered with all sorts of fine automobiles, but his heart beats for the Porsche line. Seinfeld’s latest, and dare we say greatest work, is Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. In this series, he rides along with iconic celebrities, conducting hilarious interviews in classic cars. One of his finest moments being his ride along with former President Barack Obama in a 1963 Corvette; it’s a truly captivating episode and even evokes a few hardy belly laughs.

John Cena

Not uh? Yes, really. Over the years, John Cena’s reputation as a comedic actor has matured, with appearances in films like Daddy’s Home, Sisters, and Blockers. He’s proven himself as more than some tool parading around the ring. Sure, Cena may be able to lift a car above his head and toss it across the room, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t cry upon first sight of a ding, dent, or scratch. You may be surprised to know that John Cena has an nod-worthy collection of modern and classic American muscle cars. And not just the run of the mill muscle either; we’re talking about some of the best of the best: Superbirds, Daytonas, Hemi Chargers, Challengers, COPO Camaros, GSX’s and many more testosterone-packed American muscle living in his garage. Fitting, don’t you think? I mean, can you really imagine Cena having a fascination with anything other than, well, muscle?

Matt LeBlanc

Matt LeBlanc, quite possibly forever known as Joey from Friends, has continuously portrayed the goofy but relatable character we all love to love. But Friends wasn’t his only bit, as he’s experienced an extensive acting career in television and film—always serving up laughter for all audiences. One such television appearance is on the legendary Top Gear, and as the first non-British presenter nonetheless. In his spare time, he can be found riding around in his Ferraris, Porsches, and even his very own bulldozer—that’s soo Joey!

Jeff Dunham

There’s nothing like vulgar puppets to make you laugh. Jeff Dunham has done quite the job at making his mark in the world of standup comedy through ventriloquism that brings his well-known characters to life. But this master of puppets has quite the love for cars and was even featured on Jay Leno’s Garage to show off his beautiful Plymouth Superbird. Naturally, his ride would be one to feature an iconic cartoon character as the badging. His love for Mopar is showcased in his collection but he does, in fact, own many other seriously impressive rides including, get this, the freakin’ Batmobile!

These funnymen are representing the auto industry as winners on the tube and behind the wheel. Cheers to keepin’ the sport alive with some of Hollywood’s biggest names. 

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