Summertime in Style: Tailgate on the Next Level

At long, long last, summertime is finally upon us. It’s that sweet, fleeting time of year where we finally get to go out and do anything. All those trips we’ve been daydreaming about to get us through the endless winter. Trips to concerts and baseball games, or an overlanding excursion somewhere a bit north of here. Or the time-tested glory of a simple bonfire back in some field, with 12 trucks parked in a circle around it with coolers full and no work in the morning. It’s the time of year to simply admire the sky and put that tailgate to good use.

The tailgate is an irreplaceable part of good weather party culture. It is an instant party that folds down or opens up on the back of your ride. And there are some sure fine ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. Here are some great products that ensure you’re doing all you can to make your tailgate party the best memory you’ll make this summer.

Hammacher Schlemmer Tailgaters’ Hammocks

Tailgating should be, above all else, relaxing. And what better way to kick back than in your own portable hammock? This sturdy setup for two hooks up to any trailer hitch, and makes sure you’ll have an easygoing afternoon while enjoying the party.

PendaForm Tailgate Pong

Baseball is great, but beer pong is officially the new American pastime. But who wants to lug a giant table wherever they’re going just to play a game?  Well this brilliant setup from PendaForm is built right into the tailgate liner—just grab your partner and GAME ON! And it’s made of heavy duty HDPE, so you can still use your truck like a truck.

Party King SWING’N Smoke MVP Grill

There’s one element that no tailgate can do without, and that is the FOOD. Pounds and pounds of grilled deliciousness. The Party King MVP helps your deliver it, in a package that makes cleanup and transport a breeze. This ingenious, 3-burner grill hooks up to your bumper. Swing it open when it’s time to get grilling, and simply fold it up and be on your way when the party’s over.

Magna-Grill BBQ Tool Set By Yukon Glory

If you’re gonna be the grillmaster of your tailgate, you’ve gotta have the right tools. This set by Yukon Glory has everything you’ll need to pull it off. These heavy-duty weapons of grilling war have magnetic handles, so they won’t come up missing. Just attach ’em to the side of your truck, like the genius you are. There’s everything you’ll need included: a fork, a spatula (with a bottle opener!), tongs, and a grill brush. Time to get down to business!

Lightning Cornhole Electronic Scoring Boards

A favorite of rowdy collegiate sports nuts everywhere, keeping track of the game with Lightning Cornhole has never been easier! You’ll always know who’s in the lead with these ACA compliant (yes, cornhole has an official governing body) wooden boards, and you can pick the color of your boards and bags to match your alma mater. Solid wood construction and two cross braces prevent that unwanted bounce. Easy to setup and fold away. A great way to remind your friends that you’ve been pummeling them since undergrad.

Coolest Coolers

Do you know what goes best with tailgating? Ice. Cold. Beverages. If you’re sipping a lukewarm can of suds before the sun goes down, that’s really gonna harsh the party’s buzz. There’s no chance of that happening with the sturdy technology of Coolest coolers. Not only will they keep your drinks cold forever, but with a built-in speaker AND a phone charger, you won’t have to worry about running out of tunes or battery any time soon. It’s a full-blown party savior.

Smittybilt Jeep JK Tailgate Table

It’s no secret, the Wrangler crowd loves a good tailgate as much as anybody. And with this Smittybilt Tailgate Table added to the rear gate, it makes your rig more useful than any old fold down gate on your buddies’ pickups. With built-in cup holders and a big surface area to keep food outta the dirt, your party is sure to be next level.

Helios Tailgate TV Mount

Didn’t end up scoring those tickets to the big game? No problem! With the Helios TV Mount, the game can come to you! Just hook it up to any standard 2″ hitch receiver, and boom! You have an entertainment center on the go. It accommodates any 32-55 inch TV, is VESA compliant, and its arm swings and extends to make sure you get just the right viewing angle. Being outdoors is nice, but there’s no need to rough it!

The Drinking Jacket

A more appropriately named product, there has never been. This is outerwear for the consummate party professional. It sports hooks and pockets for necessities like your brew and your sunglasses, and even a hidden flask pocket. There’s a zipper that doubles as a bottle opener, and sleeves that double as drinking mitts so your frosty beverage doesn’t numb your hand. This one is for the pros. Hailed by Yahoo! as “a beer drinker’s BFF,” The Drinking Jacket may be the most perfectly designed party garment ever made.

The Go Plate

Tailgates are a whirlwind of awesome activity. You want to eat, drink, play beer pong, cornhole, and dance to some tunes all at once. But you’ve only got two hands! The Go Plate can help you out with this. These plastic, reuseable food plates slide right onto the neck of your beer bottle. One hand can now hold food and beverage, while the other is free to do all the other party activities you don’t wanna miss out on. It’s a multitasker’s dream come true.

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