The Falcon Has Landed – Teraflex Series 3 Piggyback TJ/LJ Falcon Shock Absorbers

If you build it, they will come.

If you heard voices uttering that phrase n the wind, one night whilst walking in your back yard , would you immediately begin constructing a baseball diamond out there? Heck no, that might get you overnight accommodations in Bellevue (or an audition for ABC’s The Bachelor Winter Games, depending on your looks). My point is that most folks would think that project was a waste of time and energy. Building a better shock absorber for a Jeep platform that’s in it’s last days might also be considered corn-field-baseball-diamond crazy. But that’s just what Teraflex’s Dennis Wood did. Teraflex launched the Falcon Shock Absorber Series for JK just about a year ago, and in that time they’ve created a buzz not normally seen for something as mundane as a shock.  Thank goodness Dennis listens to those voices, because he’s done it again. Introducing Series 3 Piggyback Falcon Shock absorbers for TJ and LJ Wranglers.

Short History Lesson

Falcon shock absorbers set out to be the best JK specific shocks that money could buy. You see, most Jeep shock absorbers are not really Jeep shocks, but rather universal shock absorbers adapted to fit, with minimal tuning. Falcon Shocks are specifically for the JK (07-18)* and tuned to specific lift heights and installed positions on the vehicle. The series Flagship is the Series 3.  Series 3 Falcon Shocks featured a “Piggyback” design intended to maximize performance and reliability. Other “remote reservoir” shock absorbers allow for increased oil and gas flow, but are prone to failure at the hose and fittings.

Piggybacking the reservoir eliminates the failure point. The reservoir and main shock body are married together by a metal housing that acts as a fluid passage allowing 6x more flow than traditional reservoir shocks. The front shocks feature a horizontally-positioned reservoir designed for maximum clearance during extreme articulation. Rear Series 3 Falcon Shocks place the reservoir at the bottom to eliminate shaft damage from rocks.

TJ/LJ Specific Falcon Shocks

Sold as manufacturer’s number 04-01-30-400-304, the race-inspired Falcon Shocks design arrives for 97-06 Wranglers. Like the JK versions these are still corner specific, with a massive 2.5″ shock body. Falcon Shocks feature a 3/4″ shaft to prevent buckling, and all hardware faces a grueling 1,000 hr. salt spray test. The patented design is factory serviceable and rebuildable.


So if you’re still wheeling your TJ and were feeling left out in the cold by manufacturers already moving on the to the 2018 JL Wrangler, then extend your arms in victory and let a Falcon come home to roost. Just thought about this, but seriously how cool would falconry from inside a Jeep be?  I mean, c’mon…

Here’s some other notable features about Falcon Shocks for TJ/LJ


FITS: TJ Wrangler/  LJ Wrangler Unlimited (long-wheelbase)


  • Two (2) Series 3 Piggyback front shock absorbers
  • Two (2) Series 3 Piggyback rear shock absorbers


  • Increases vehicle stability
  • Improved dynamic roll control & low speed damping
  • 2.25” shock body provides optimal performance
  • Largest shock body that will fit w/out modifications
  • 6061-T6 aluminum alloy shock body resists wear & protects internal components while providing superior heat dissipation
  • Optimized fitment for clearance during full suspension travel
  • Front shock features unique piggyback design with horizontal reservoir to increase clearance for large tires
  • Rear shock body and reservoir positioned on bottom eliminates shaft damage
  • Smooth honed internal shock body surface for long term performance
  • 3/4” shaft to prevent shaft buckling
  • Maximum shaft diameter for optimal adjustability range
  • Induction hardened chrome plated shaft resists rock damage & corrosion
  • Hard anodized billet piston
  • OGS – the oil/gas separator prevents cavitation
  • Digressive linear piston & base valve technology
  • 1-piece Teflon bronze piston wear band w/ O-ring
  • Red Line full synthetic shock oil with high viscosity index of 519 for consistent performance across all temperatures & reduced shock fade
  • Synthetic formula also contains special anti-wear & lubricity agents for excellent thermal stability
  • Built in-house at the TeraFlex Falcon Shock Division
  • Patent pending design
  • 3-year warranty


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