Auto Industry News: Lamborghini, FUV, & Death of the Combustion Engine?

Lamborghini Wreck

From Ferrari’s FUV to Paris’ attempts to dismantle the traditional combustion engine, this week’s auto news is filled with some off-beat updates. But one in particular really grabbed the headlines. The old adage says that nothing good happens after midnight. And one sports car driver decided to push these truths to their absolute max. Last week, a Lamborghini Huracan wrecked, caught fire, and split in half early Friday morning in Miami Beach, FL. Bystanders found the front end of the Lambo in a parking lot, while the rear end remained in the road.

Now that sounds like the opening line for a tragedy, but amazingly both passengers were treated for minor injuries only. How could that possibly be? Well the Lamborghini Huracan actually splits in half as a safety mechanism in extreme situations like this as it reduces the force of the crash. Thankfully, it was the driver’s wallet that sustained the biggest impact in this scenario.

Tesla Recall

While on the topic of wrecks, Tesla had to recall nearly 11,000 vehicles. Supposedly, the second row seating in some Model X EV crossovers did not properly lock into place. Tesla says the issue only affects vehicles built between Oct. 28, 2016, and Sept. 1, 2017. They began notifying owners last Thursday who can visit either a mobile Tesla technician or a Tesla service center to correct the issue. Not every vehicle is believed to have the faulty lock (in fact, only 3%), but that’s certainly some poor press for the big electric automaker getting ready to make a huge splash with the Model 3.

Paris Advances Further Bans

If Paris had its way, everything would be electric or autonomous. The global influencer is leading the charge on banning combustion engines within city limits. As a country, France sought to ban combustion engines by 2040, but Paris took matters into its own hands and advanced the ban goal to 2030. This come as no surprise, as Paris has been spearheading climate conscious policies for years. The city even has plans to ban diesel engines as early as 2025. What’s significant about such colossal shift in automotive power sourcing is that Paris is a tastemaker. And that does not just apply to fashion and the culinary world. So, if they can successfully oust combustion engines, the rest of Europe is likely to follow suit. Can the automakers of the world adjust production to such a fast turnaround in electric energy? The results have yet to be seen.

Ferrari SUV

We can’t discuss European automakers without talking about Ferrari. Last week, the company confirmed rumors that they will be releasing a future SUV, cheekily and temporarily nicknamed the FUV as in a big ol’ F-U to those who counted them out of the running. CEO, Sergio Marchionne, said that the opportunity to jump into the SUV market is “too big” and “inviting” to ignore. No one knows anything about the specifications of the FUV, but rest assured that it will have giddyup. Some in the know have been expecting this move, however. Because sports car SUV announcements have been a trend as of late. The FUV will compete with the Porsche Cayenne and Lamborghini Urus for elbow room in this high-end market.

Chevelle Build

From high end to garage-built, Green Mountain Gearheads have made a business of making common builds all their own. This 1970 metallic green Chevelle is truly a classic example of the work they do. It’s got a 498 Stroker big block engine and a carbon fiber cold air intake that feeds a 1000 cfm Holley custom carburetor. This beastly machine is truly something that would compete at Thunder Road in Grease. But it’s also got some contemporary features that give it a unique look, like Mag G wheels and motorcycle LED headlights. And there’s no denying that the Chevelle can PERFORM. Check it out in action, here:

Around the Circuit

Speaking of action packed, Tanner Foust took home the victory at Red Bull’s Global Rallycross in Los Angeles. On Friday, he set himself up in pole position, hoping to secure his third consecutive win. And that’s exactly what he did, fending off Scott Speed for the title.

Talladega was a wild one this weekend that really shook up the NASCAR playoff picture. Brad Keselowski snagged the victory in the race that featured a massive wreck. Keselowski’s win secured him a spot in the Round of 8 and launched him into second place behind Martin Treux Jr in the overall standings. The field will move on to Kansas Speedway Sunday, October 22nd.

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