Auto Industry News: Some of Us Still Like to Drive…

Autonomous Agenda Gets Pushed Forward

Autonomous technology is sweeping headlines in this week’s auto industry news. Recently, the US House gathered to discuss a proposal that would allow automakers to roll out nearly 100,000 self-driving vehicles in the US. The newsworthy part, these automakers wouldn’t be held to the same level of safety standards and states are barred from imposing driverless car rules.

“This legislation aims to increase the speed to market for self-driving cars. Automakers will be required to submit safety assessment reports to U.S. regulators but will not require pre-market approval of advanced technologies,” according to the Reuters report. “Carmakers will have to show that their self-driving vehicles ‘function as intended’ and contain fail-safe features in order to receive exemptions from safety standards,” continued Aftermarket News. The House of Representatives will not take up the bill until it reconvenes in September after the summer recess. But it appears anything is game to push this agenda forward.

The bigger question is how do you, the constituents, feel about the federal legislation? There’s no escaping such technology. Navigant Research estimates more than $80B to be spent on global electric vehicle infrastructure development by the end of 2025. But at what expense, considering pre-market approval for such advanced technologies wouldn’t be required? Share your perspective with us in the comments section of this auto industry news post.

New Products


Some of us still like to drive our rides, namely the Jeep and high-performance markets. “The Jeep Wrangler JK has become one of the most popular SUVs since it went into production a decade ago, with sales topping 1.5 million through mid-2017. Jeeps have always been magnets for customization/personalization, but the JK elevated that interest to a higher level, the result of which is a seemingly unending supply of specialty products to help tailor each Wrangler JK to its owner’s needs and pursuits,” said Four Wheeler Network. Check out their new products hit list here! Hint: the ARB Deluxe Bull Bar, Warrior Products HD Bumper, Rubicon Express Under Armor, and Superwinch Premium EXP all make the cut – among may others.


Speaking of new products, Champion Brands is getting ready to release its “new line of motor oils specifically formulated to maximize the demands of today’s high performance street vehicles. Debuting this fall, CMM Motor Oils will provide outstanding levels of fuel economy performance, cleaning power, and engine protection, even during extended oil change intervals,” reported Anthony Bowe of The SHOP.

“These high-performance oils are proven to significantly reduce wear and viscosity breakdown due to advancements in additive engineering. CMM Motor Oils utilize Champion’s Blue E.T. (enhanced technology) racing additive, and Champion’s TVS (thermal viscosity stabilizer) performance additive. These proprietary technologies deliver unmatched film strength at high temperature, better piston ring seal for maximum compression, and increase horsepower and torque in most engines. These premium mixtures of synthetic base fluids and additives provide maximum durability and protection from wear and viscosity breakdown by including special lubricity modifiers, and premium anti-wear additives,” he continued.

Industry Veteran – Hall of Fame Status

Brembo is no stranger to the performance market. In fact, its leader Alberto Bombassei, Chairman and President, recently accepted Hall of Fame status alongside Ed Welburn and Jack Roush. “Seeing my name alongside many respected and admired automotive contributors makes me particularly happy and strengthens my sense of duty toward our business – the car industry,” said Bombassei.

“It comes natural to me thinking that this prestigious recognition is somehow a confirmation of the great passion for cars I have always had, ever since dreaming of driving my father’s car when I was a young boy. Such passion has grown with time thanks to the many cars that have marked my history and enthusiasm for the driving experience,” he continued. “As of today, Brembo has won over 300 world championships in the different racing categories and I can assure you that we are not stopping here. For Brembo, competition is an essential laboratory for transferring our technology over time to our customers for their road applications. From ‘Racing to the Road’ is one of my favorite mottos. And believe me, that’s what’s happening every day at Brembo.”

Our takeaway from this week’s auto industry news? Long live the automobile. You know, the kind that you actually drive…

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