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Westin Automotive is one of the best-known brands in the automotive aftermarket. They are the manufacturer and parent company to legendary brands like Wade™, Brute™ and FEY® to name a few. Westin has been very active in the JK Jeep® (2007-2018) Wrangler segment, and shows no sign of slowing on the JL platform . They’ve announced a slew of new product for the 2018 JL Wrangler. Let’s take a look at what are sure to be hot new Jeep accessories. They’re the coolest things to come out of San Dimas since Bill and Ted.

JL Wrangler Bumper

Bumpers are perhaps the product that Westin is best known for. Westin’s new JL bumpers demonstrate attention to detail. Westin listens to what Jeepers say, and that is clearly evident in the WJ2 Series.  WJ2 bumpers are available in stubby and full width styles. Some folks like the full coverage and protection of a full width bumper. Others prefer increased ability to put a tire directly onto a rock or obstacle. WJ2 bumpers give you options.

All WJ2 bumpers allow for the installation of a recovery winch without the need for an additional winch plate. Another great feature is that the full width bumper allows for winch installation even after the bumper is installed. Each style can be purchased with or without a bull bar.

Another bright idea, the WJ2 bumpers have plenty of light provisions. If your JL came with factory fog lights, they’ll mount right up. You can also use round post lights as fog lights. The bull bar allows for light mounting, and there are even spots to mount rock lights for better vision off-road.

JL Wrangler Bumper
WJ2 Full Length Bumper w/Bull Bar and Skid Plate

A WJ2 skid plate, as well as a matching rear bumper are available to complete the series.

Step Right Up

Westin offers “drop” style steps for the 2018 JL Wrangler. Their HDX Nerf Steps fit tight to the rocker panel and are available with stainless steel or or black powder coated stepping surfaces. For greater protection and a more rugged look Westin offers the Triple Tube Rock Rail Steps.

JL Wrangler Bumper

Totally Tubular

Last year Westin made a big statement with their sexy Snyper tube fenders for the JK. Parts 62-1025 and 62-1035 (front and rear) are JL-specific tubular steel fenders. They’re tough, look great and have an understated marker light in the outer edge. I’m looking forward to seeing these in person soon. The JL has it’s turn signal integrated into the OEM fender flare, so removing it would be deleting the turn signal.

Coming Soon

All of the new Westin offerings for the 2018 JL Wrangler should be coming soon to an aftermarket accessory shop near you.

Click Here for a full listing of current and coming Westin JL Wrangler accessories


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