Vehicle Spotlight: Old School Luxury in the All New Lincoln Continental

Lincoln has always been the brand when it comes to American luxury. In the company’s prime, riding around in a Lincoln meant you were someone. And the badge has produced many impressive models over the years, but perhaps none more so than the Lincoln Continental.

Throughout history, the Lincoln Continental has left quite the impression on the American people. It was JFK’s last ride. Jim Croche sang about it. Frank Lloyd Wright called it “the most beautiful car ever designed.” Since its debut, the Continental has been the ride everyone remembers coming from Lincoln. And while the company seems to have been slipping into the background since the 90s, rather than accept the decline, Lincoln dusted off its shoulders, straightened its tie, and fixed its cuffs. And it’s no surprise that this model is the choice sedan for its climb back up the hill.

A Sedan for the More Refined Tastes

The birth of the Lincoln Continental reaches back to the year 1938. Edsel Ford wanted a vehicle designed, built, and ready for the family vacation he had planned for the following year. When the car was finished and released to the public, it was an instant hit. The original Continentals were a bit different than what most of us are familiar with today. European-inspired V12 rehashes of the Zephyr, these were big, bold, and elegant cars that appealed to the tasteful gentlemen of the time.

The first generation of Lincoln Continental ran from 1939-1948. It then disappeared for a total of eight years, returning in 1956 with an all new look. The model caught on and would steadily appear on the new lineup all the way until 1998, with the 9th generation being the last to roll off the assembly line for 15 years. Then in 2017, Continental made its return to us. With dramatic marketing aided by Matthew McConaughey, Lincoln made it known that the heavy hitter was back.

New Take on an Old Classic

The new Lincoln Continental isn’t your granddaddy’s car—although it should be recognized as the granddaddy of class. The exterior declares its intended place in the world as a contender of luxury.  While some have criticized it as bland, we beg to differ. The car has long, flat panels and very few gimmicks that pull the eye from it true shape. The design has a touch of throwback and a touch of the new age, which is appropriate as the company made a name chasing the high-class tastes of gentlemen and that’s still its target audience.

The interior, however, it what really catches the eye. Front seats are constructed of Venetian leather and can be adjusted to thirty-one positions, creating what the company calls “an unforgettable tactile experience.” And with voice-activated SYNC-3 infotainment system, as well as a 19-speaker stereo, Head-Up Display, and a hoard of other technology, drivers are treated to some of the best the industry has to offer. Every inch is beautifully decorated with the classic touches you would expect from a Lincoln.

The all new Lincoln Continental has three engine options—with the least amount of horsepower being produced by the largest of the bunch. The 3.7L V6 produces a healthy 305hp, the 2.7L V6 twin turbo produces 335hp, and the 3.0L V6 twin turbo sends out a total of 400hp. All are backed by 6-speed automatic transmissions. The suspension is soft enough to give the driver the sensation of driving on a cloud but is dialed in enough to keep them from feeling out of control. A nice touch to this luxury sedan is the paddle shifters attached to the steering wheel for more spirited drivers.

Back in the Game

It’s very clear that Lincoln is back in the game and planning to reclaim its crown as the choice of luxury vehicles. Inflatable seat belts, state-of-the-art door handles, and thigh extensions on the seats are but their smallest efforts. Owners of these cars receive free pickup and delivery for scheduled maintenance, provided by the automaker itself. Lincoln is coming to the table with its all new Continental in full force and it’s not keeping any cards off the table.

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