UnderCover Ultra Flex Truck Tonneau Cover

All truck bed covers are certainly not created equal and the UnderCover Ultra Flex hammers home that point. With a bevy of features, the Ultra Flex is a standout in the world of hard-folding tonneaus.

Visually, the first thing that stands out about this cover is the beautiful, uniform matte finish.  Over the past year, tonneau manufacturers have slowly started to shift their focus towards the less glossy finish options. The reason for this shift is two-fold (maybe “tri-fold” would be a better term); matte covers generally provide better UV resistance and are less prone to fading. This is great for those 100 degree days at the jobsite!  Matte finishes have also become a more popular finish in the automotive industry as a whole.  Bumpers, nerf bars, and truck boxes are all undergoing the matte treatment.  This cover pairs perfectly with those other accessories.

The underside of the UnderCover Ultra Flex has received a durable carpet-like finish. This lining adds a high dose of class and functionality to the unit.  This increases the protection of any delicate cargo you may be carrying, while still retaining the ability to easily clean the cover when it gets dirty.

A side-mounted saddlebag on the Ultra Flex helps alleviate the age old problem of: “do I get a tonneau or a truck box?”.  Crafted from commercial-grade fabric, the saddlebag attaches in a way that still allows for complete cargo access and doesn’t intrude on valuable bed space.

Loading or unloading cargo at night or in low-light conditions is a problem for most truck owners. The interior of your truck cab is adequately illuminated, so why shouldn’t your bed be as well? UnderCover heard your cries and built a dual-rail lighting system into the Ultra Flex.  There’s no more struggling to find a flashlight or using your phone to see what’s in your bed.

Other features of the UnderCover Ultra Flex include built-in prop rods for open-cover driving, driver and passenger-side operation, and easy close tailgate operation.  A complete series of seals and drain tubes keep water away and out of the bed.

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