TrailFX: The Name You Trust in Truck and Jeep Accessories Just Expanded Into Suspension

We all need a name to call on—someone we can depend on. For truck guys, that name has long been TrailFX. The company has supplied us with tool boxes, rain guards, nerf bars, and LED products. The name you trust for truck and Jeep accessories, is now the name you can trust for suspension upgrades. For popular applications, TrailFX now offers leveling kits, mid lift suspension kits, rear block kits, and even differential lowering kits.

A Booming Business

According to the 2018 SEMA Market Report, suspension products continue to show a steady sales increase, encompassing a market size of $2.21 billion for 2017. And trucks carved out 36% of that market share, showing that more and more owners are seeing this sort of specialty equipment as a necessity, rather than a luxury.

And while major automakers reported a drop in overall vehicle sales for the month of July, truck sales are still high—with the Big Three rounding out the top. Additionally, with Ford resurrecting both the Ranger and the Bronco, and Jeep showing absolutely no signs of slowing down, it’s safe to assume the aftermarket specialty equipment market will continue to grow as well.

Catch That Wave

TrailFX is also riding that upward trajectory, as we’ve witnessed this company pump out a number of new products every year. What TrailFX has done well, and continues to do well, is focus on quality, function, and innovation, so customers can enjoy products that are both stylish and durable. And when stacked against industry leaders, TrailFX-branded parts have always stood toe-to-toe in quality, but at more accessible price points. Similarly, the company has always stood behind its products with comprehensive warranties.

We spoke with our friend Ryan Osborne, Product Manager at FX Products, about the new line of suspension products offered by TrailFX. “Mid-Lift Suspension Kits are the newest category to TrailFX Suspension, in addition to expanding into a few new styles of leveling kits for popular truck applications at the end of 2017,” he offered. These new systems allow buyers to raise the front end of their trucks up to four inches, depending on the make and model. The kits themselves include everything needed to complete the lift, even including the proper control arms.

“Increased ground clearance, visibility, and a smoother ride are all benefits of a mid-lift suspension kit. And all required lift kit components come complete and ready to install in one box under one part number.” -TrailFX

Back It Up

And not only are the systems listed at an affordable price, but they are also backed by TrailFX’s limited lifetime warranty as well as the company’s all-new level of protection, the X-Guard Plus Powertrain Warranty. “We offer a limited lifetime warranty for all components (minus wearable items like ball joints and bushings),” said Osborne. “The products carry a limited one-year replacement, and we also have the X-Guard Plus Powertrain Warranty, which provides additional support to the original end consumer.”

This additional warranty coverage comes free with the purchase and professional installation of any TrailFX suspension product and covers all major powertrain parts up to five years or 60,000 miles. “This additional coverage ensures peace of mind for [customers’] aftermarket look,” explained Osborne. “And in addition to our available warranties, we offer no-drill or no-cut applications and shock replacement is often not required for most of our kits,” he added.

Go Get Yours!

So, why TrailFX for suspension parts? Well, with a reliable track record, the protection of two strong warranties, and such great price points, the real question is why not TrailFX suspension? Even though the company’s foray into a more expansive breadth of suspension components is a recent move, TrailFX has been using state-of-the-art-technology to create top-rated truck parts and accessories for some time now. These products will stand up to the same rigorous standards that all TrailFX products are held to.

“Manufacturing all its accessories using only top grade materials and the latest equipment, the brand ensures that [its products] will stand the test of time delivering dependable service for many years ahead.” -TrailFX

To see the brand expanding is exciting. This means that more people are doing what they love, and as their enthusiasm grows, so do honest companies like TrailFX. Not only is the brand making sure it does its part in helping gearheads reach their automotive dreams, it stands behind both its products—and its customers—with levels of protection that every company should offer. Really, what more could you ask of a supplier?

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