TCI Automotive Flexplates Can Handle the Stress

TCI Automotive has been in the business of aftermarket transmissions and accessories since 1968. Over the past 50 years, they’ve developed some of the best equipment money can buy, including flexplates. These giant gear-like components are incredibly important to the function of both the engine and transmission. That being said, having a reputable brand name sandwiched between two of the hardest working systems in the entire vehicle is an absolute must.

Flexplates Are Here to Help

The flexplate has a combination of important jobs to do. Secured to the rear of the crankshaft of an engine, the most important role is as the mounting point for the torque converter. They call it a flexplate because it’s designed to do just that. As the engine accelerates through the RPMs, it will begin to flex in order to prevent the torque converter from bottoming out on the transmission. It is also the point where a starter engages to turn the engine. So it’s plain to see that these units are under a ton of stress. All the more reason to lean on a brand like TCI when looking for an upgrade or a replacement.

TCI Has You Covered

TCI offers a complete line of flexplates for Ford, Chrysler, and Chevy applications. They use high tensile strength materials to keep their flexplates from warping, stretching, or cracking when under the intense conditions they are born to face. These flexplates are externally balanced for each specific application. And all TCI flexplates have a layer of black E-coating for protection.

TCI suits the needs of any builder. For stock replacements and street use, the company offers stamped flexplates at .130” to .140” thickness. Most people would choose this level. Why? These flexplates are stronger than the original equipment and can be fitted into place completely hassle-free. Although, making horsepower is a lot easier today than it ever has been. And that means there is a ton of super-demanding applications on today’s market. TCI offers much thicker flexplates measuring in at .200” that are constructed by machining A514 steel. These are designed to stand up to the harshest conditions in high-horsepower applications.

There’s never a bad time to start looking to replace a factory flexplate, especially if the engine is making more horsepower than it could in its stock form. Fifty years of experience, high-quality materials, and a wide range of applications really make TCI an easy choice when shopping for a replacement.

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