Tailgate Rock Stars Use Pendaform Tailgate Pong

As Bowl Season kicks off December 15, many of you will be itching for some premium tailgating gear to keep spirits and excitement high. I mean, when a game starts at 6pm the party starts at 10am, right? Sure, cornhole is fun and that to-scale football stadium your cousin carves from a Bundt cake is pretty cool, but really, the only way to ensure everyone is truly on their worst behavior when they enter the stadium is good ol’ fashioned beer pong.

Now you, dear friend, are no Natty-drinking college amateur. You’ve honed your skills for years, through failed keg stands and lost games of flip cup, deathly hangovers, and countless sacrifices at the altar of the Porcelain God. You, dear friend, took off work for this tailgate, unlike the sloppy and unemployed teenagers shot-gunning mystery beer in the next parking spot. So you, dear friend, deserve much more than a dinky plastic folding table to set up your certified, grade-A, real-deal Red Solo Cups.

Enter: PendaForm Tailgate Pong

Constructed of heavy-duty HDPE and sporting formed cupholders that provide a perfect rack every time, Pendaform Tailgate Pong is the ultimate setup for your beer ponging needs. Installing in less than 10 minutes, PendaForm’s product easily replaces (and supersedes) other formed tailgates and fits over most spray-on coatings. Simply drop the tailgate, set up the cups, and start playing.

PendaForm tailgate pong is easy to set up and fun to play. Be ready to pong at a moment's notice with the PendaForm Tailgate Pong setup.











Penda earned its stripes manufacturing thermoformed plastic truck accessories, specifically pickup truck bedliners in the late ’70s and early ’80s. For years it continued to grow, establishing itself as an innovative and high-quality supplier to both OEMs and the aftermarket. In 2013, it merged with the Fabri-Form Company, another leading manufacturer, combining strengths to form a juggernaut in thermoformed plastics engineering. And by 2014 PendaForm was pumping out sweet tailgate pong sets so truck owners can get the most out of their beds and those tailgates.


Remember that much like the American coyote, broke college students hunt in packs. They will smell your craft beers and jello shots, and they will use deception and humor in a bid to mooch them. If they see your PendaForm Tailgate Pong setup, we cannot guarantee your safety. While attacks on adult humans are rare, they have been known to happen. In the event that a pack should approach your tailgate, be friendly. Show them the Tailgate Pong and explain the importance of things like brand-name beer, not over-selling your ponging abilities, and that Bounce Shots are not to be trifled with. Do not feed them, as this will encourage them to habituate themselves at your tailgate.

A quality tailgate deserves a quality pong setup. And you’ve earned a quality tailgate, my friend. Now let PendaForm Tailgate Pong handle the party.

You can have this much fun, too!

Take your PendaForm Tailgate Pong to the next football tailgate for instant fun.
Photo from Instagram: @rdskin41

PendaForm’s Tailgate Pong provides instant smiles at any tailgate.

Be ready to pong at a moment's notice with the PendaForm Tailgate Pong setup.
Photo from Instagram: @maqboul

These guys know how to have a good time: Drop tailgate, rack cups, PONG ON.

Take your PendaForm Tailgate Pong to the next big event for instant fun.
Photo from Instagram: @drewendlich

Take that concert or football tailgate to the next level with PendaForm. We guarantee you’ll be the envy of the parking lot.

PendaForm Tailgate Pong makes the perfect Christmas gift for the tailgate enthusiast in your life.
Photo from Twitter: @tailgatepong

Stumped on a Christmas gift for your beloved gearhead? PendaForm Tailgate Pong setups make the PERFECT present for the truck owners who like to take the party with them.

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