Brand Spotlight: Champions Use Champion Brands

After over 60 years in the automotive industry, and a lineup of over 300 products, it’s safe to say that everyone should have Champion Brands on the garage shelf. Since 1956, the company has been going to market with trusted products for nearly any application, at affordable prices.

As its original name—the Lowe Oil Company—would suggest, Champion Brands’ product offerings are heavily dominated by oils and specialty lubricants. The company offers engine oils in a variety of viscosity, race oils that are heavily supported by the sprint car circuits, and purpose-built oils specifically intended for old school muscle. With such a wide range of synthetic and conventional offerings, Champion Brands ensures that if you’ve got a thirsty hard-working engine, it has a solution.

More Than Just Oil

Champion Brands is also equipped to address your needs of power steering, brake systems, and transmissions. And moving beyond passenger cars, the company reaches out to heavy equipment, industrial applications, diesel, and nearly everything in between. Want more? Champion comes to battle with degreasers, sealants, octane boosters, and even race fuels. The company doesn’t just think outside the box, it lives there. By covering pretty much every chemical demand you can find under the hood, Champion Brands has got your back.

In fact, Champion takes it even one step further than mechanically-appropriate chemicals and concoctions. How many oil brands out there would you throw in your wash bucket on detail day? Since Champion Brands is the kind of company that likes to cover all bases, it offers polishes, foam cleaners, protectants, and even washer pump fluid. That’s right, these guys are all over the industry—and they waste no time in proving their capabilities.

Who uses Champion Brands?

Who doesn’t?! This company has been on the front line for 62 years, so it’s no surprise that you can find Champion products in garages and on race tracks all across the country. It sponsors racers Chad Kemenah and Trey Starks, who are both winners in sprint car championships. And the company has been a vendor on the notorious Hot Rod Power Tour. It’s even been involved with cars on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

“Quality products are more than a commitment at Champion; our high standards define the way we do business. … Good people are the heart of Champion Brands. Passion, dedication, knowledge and a can-do attitude drive the growth of our company and assure you that you can always count on us.” -Champion Brands

Champion Brands operates out of a 450,000 square foot facility in Clinton, MO. And with a dedicated team that understands the demands and requirements of today’s industry, Champion is up to the task to provide maintenance solutions for any vehicle. The company slogan is “Champions use Champion,” and it’s easy to see why it’s true. So, with over half a century of proven quality, the only thing left is to get yours!

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