SpeedFX Dress-Up Kits Make for a Total Package

When you’re building an engine, it’s easy for everything under the hood to start blending together. Sure, carburetors, headers, intake manifolds, and some other mods can make things pop to an extent. But dressing up an engine is the key to helping bring all of your work together for one sleek-looking package. Now, there are tons of aftermarket brands that offer engine dress up components. It’s hard to say exactly which one is right for your build, but SpeedFx has jumped on board with its own line of engine accessories—and they’re really, really sharp. If you’re familiar with the brand’s brother-in-arms, TrailFX, then you also know this is a brand worth considering!

A Brand on the Rise

SpeedFX is relatively new in a sea of performance brands, but it’s on a steady rise to competitor level in the speed parts industry. At this point, most people are probably familiar with the name because of its exhaust accessories. While this isn’t the only thing it brings to the table, it’s an excellent point of reference when familiarizing yourself with the company.

You see, SpeedFX mufflers are becoming well-known for their excellent sound quality comparable to big names—but at half the price. Frank Hartman, a salesman at A&A Automotive in Exeter PA, prides himself on taking care of his customers. When it comes to giving someone the option of a high muffler at a reasonable price, he suggests SpeedFX. “If someone doesn’t want to spend $89-$90 on a muffler but they want the sound quality, then I offer SpeedFX,” shares Hartman. With well-made products at a moderate price point, SpeedFX prides itself on catering to the Everyman.

More Than Just the Exhaust Products You Know

As we said, exhaust parts are just the tip of the iceberg. SpeedFX offers distributors, water pumps, alternators, and most recently has expanded into the world of dress-up kits for under the hood gendering. Kurt Kruse of SpeedFX has this to say about the exciting new line of product: “The addition of engine dress-up parts and accessories into the SpeedFX lineup has helped create market penetration into the performance and restoration market segments. Our SpeedFX accessories combine classic styling, modern technology, and a showroom shine for an end product that engine builders and enthusiasts want.”

“Everyone loves to show off their hard work under the hood and SpeedFX helps to make that a proud moment.” -Kurt Kruse

In the company’s catalog, you’ll find a multitude of engine accessories. Round-style air cleaners that will fit on all popular 4-barrel carbs, with the air filters to match. Valve covers are available for GM and Ford Models, with some equipment for Mopar as well. In fact, the application chart for SpeedFX valve covers reaches as far back as 1930 all the way up to 2005. For finishes, the company has nice chrome offerings with some callouts, along with the super stylish vintage-ribbed accents if desired. And the brand also offers alternators, pulleys, and pumps—so you have the choice to really tie the whole package together for a proper style.

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Too Far From the Tree

As mentioned, SpeedFX is a line offered by the TrailFX brand. Quality is of utmost importance when it comes to the family logo so if something happens to come up, you won’t be left hanging. “You have a problem with a TrailFX product, they take care of you. That’s what makes the customers happy. That’s what brings people back,” says Hartman. And that high level of customer service and product guarantee extends to the SpeedFX side of things as well.

Engine accessories are the topic of today’s conversation and SpeedFX’s dress-up kits are definitely something you should turn your attention to during your next engine build. SpeedFX is on its way to becoming the go-to name for quality speed parts at fair prices—remember that next time you’re at your local parts store.

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