Skyjacker FOX Line Dual JK Stabilizers

Suspension lift kits help provide the needed clearance for bigger tires on a Jeep. When talking to anyone looking to lift their JK, I always direct them to a knowledgeable 4×4 shop.  These folks do it all day, every day, and will provide guidance on the best upgrades for your planned use.  One highly overlooked suspension component is the steering stabilizer.  Many budget lift kits do not include them. With bigger tires and wheels, the factory stabilizer just won’t hold up.  Skyjacker Suspensions offers many steering stabilizer options to suit a wide variety of performance needs.  The new Skyjacker FOX Line dual JK stabilizers can help keep your rig steady and safe on any road or trail.

Do What You Do Best

Skyjacker makes outstanding suspension systems.  That’s their jam.  Bigger suspension requires longer shock absorbers to allow for the increase in wheel travel.  Skyjacker offers some darn good shocks. But like most suspension manufacturers, their best kits are bundled with shocks from a specialist like FOX.  The two new Skyjacker Fox line dual JK stabilizers include a pair of FOX IFP (Internal Floating Piston) shocks.  The IFP design isolates shock fluid from high-pressure nitrogen for maximum damping. The dual stabilizer design does the best possible job at absorbing and correcting inconsistencies that can make a Jeep difficult or unpleasant to drive.

The Right Tool For The Job

If you have the OEM tie rod assembly on your JK, or one of similar diameter, then Skyjacker’s 5204 dual stabilizer is the kit for you.  If you have a heavy-duty tie rod, such as Skyjakcer’s JK717TR, then you need part number 5206.  Beefier tie rods like the JK717TR have 1-3/4″ diameters that require extra clearance.  A 5206 and a JK717TR would make a killer combo that would help insure that you remain in control, regardless of terrain.

Both Skyjacker FOX line dual JK stabilizers (and heavy-duty tie rod) are available now from your local Jeep or suspension specialist.

View and download a PDF brochure HERE


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