6 Must-Have Gearhead Apps

Smart phones get their fair share of bad press, but there’s no denying they’re a technological GENIUS achievement. And while many of us spend countless (wasted) hours playing bubble-popping or fruit-cutting games, there are many useful apps on the market that can transform that phone from an expensive piece of highly-breakable equipment, into a handy tool. Let’s look at some of the top must-have gearhead apps on iTunes!

Tremec Tool Box

This app is incredibly helpful when it comes to planning builds. It has the ability to calculate tire sizes, along with the impact they will have on top speeds and RPM ranges. And it comes pre-loaded with popular domestic transmission gear ratios, saving you from having to do any homework. On top of all that, it can transfer your phone into a leveling tool to help record and establish driveline angles.


It was only a matter of time until our phones could talk to our cars. With that being said, this app must be paired with a device that taps into the OBDII port on the vehicle. Once in there, the phone becomes a basic scan tool, translating codes into simple terms. This makes it a great option for simple DIYers, or those who just want to be a little more car-savvy when they take their vehicle in to the shop.

Gas Buddy

Modifications burn gas. Bigger tires, lower gears, and power adders are all guilty of this. So wouldn’t it be nice if you could track down the best gas prices in a particular area? With Gas Buddy you can. This free app uses your location to find stations with the lowest prices and offers a rewards program for further savings. You can even filter your results based on driver reviews, gas brand, or station amenities.


A GPS app on your phone is nothing new. But what if we told you there was a GPS with a live feed of current road work, car crashes, police, and traffic? Enter Waze. With a Wazer community numbered in the millions, this free app compiles data based on driver feedback. As the company says, “It’s like a personal heads-up from a few million of your friends on the road.” The app also offers arrival time estimations, quick route changes to avoid traffic, and an impressive number of guiding voices to choose from. (January’s ‘Liam Neeson’ option was a nice touch.)


We already know Edmunds.com is the go-to for online vehicle research. But why would you want their app? Because it’s filled with thousands of cars, millions of specs, and is a fantastic on-the-go way to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Definitely a useful tool when car shopping or picking up that fixer-upper you found on Craigslist. With this app you can quickly read reviews, contact dealerships, and even find out if those planned repairs are worth the investment.

Torque Pro

Torque pro is like Fixd, only a step up. Like Fixd, the app also uses an adapter to plug in to the OBDII port. It can be used to run diagnostics on the vehicle, but can also transform your phone into an additional gauge to keep you totally in tune with the vehicle’s current running condition. Torque Pro allows you to access real-time data, including fault codes, GPS logs, and emissions read outs. It is a paid app, but for the small fee you receive a host of capabilities.

Are there any apps you’d recommend to a car-loving friend? Let us know in the comments!

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