Shop Profile: Team Nutz is Crazy for Custom Wraps

If you really think about it, the 12-volt electronic and detailing markets are ideal for obsessive-compulsive techies. For them, it’s like Cupid’s arrow each day; they’re first to lay eyes on the latest and greatest gadgets to hit the aftermarket. Not to mention, keep driver’s prized possessions looking fresh. What began as a lifelong hobby turned business reality in 2003 for Ed Nuttall, owner of Team Nutz Vehicle Aftermarket Accessories and Electronics in Pittsburgh, PA.

Team Nutz: From Humble Beginnings to a Booming Biz

Team Nutz Vehicle Wraps“We started off with 2-3 people and now have 35 employees across two locations,” he said. “As one of Pittsburgh’s local favorites, we are committed to professional installation, a positive in-shop experience, and top of the line aftermarket accessories for your vehicle. We not only handle remote starters, window tint, complete sound systems, and visual/performance accessories for your ride, but we also offer a variety of home and business audio/visual products,” continued Nuttall.

During the past 15 years, Team Nutz—as they affectionately refer to themselves—has been a top choice among vehicle owners and fleet operators not only in the Burgh, but across the entire tri-state area. “We take pride in our extensive knowledge of electronics, aftermarket accessories, vinyl graphics, and security systems. Our goal is to consistently ensure the highest quality work and best customer service experience,” said Nuttall.

One such area that requires precision expertise, a steady hand, and near mind-numbing patience is vehicle wrap installation—a 2.1 billion dollar business. “It’s a multi-step process. We have about four guys working on a vehicle wrap project, with two responsible for taking the car apart and putting it back together and another two solely dedicated to the vinyl wrap,” commented Nuttall.

Happy Customers are Repeat Customers

Suburban WrapTeam Nutz started vehicle wrapping on the back of a 3M graduate working at the shop, testing their skills on then-local Cricket Wireless and other small accounts. A handful of years later, Nuttall has 4-5 vinyl installers banging out one custom project after another, from branded fleets to one-off flashy gems. Team Nutz completed three cars and a boat this month alone, getting the job done right with Avery, 3M, and Oracle products. From classic to wild color combinations and personalized creations, Team Nutz Vehicle Aftermarket Accessories and Electronics has mastered its process from start to finish. And the customers? Well, they couldn’t be more pleased.

If You Can Wrap a Car, You Can Wrap a Boat, Right?

We’re always preaching the importance of smart diversification to retailers, restylers, and installers, encouraging the exploration of new profit channels. Naturally, Nuttall’s business expansion is an appealing topic. Rule number one, take advantage of what’s within reach. Team Nutz, for example, is comprised of expert detailers with a keen eye for design and a love of electronics. Though he knew nada about the industry, Nuttall’s shop is a stone’s throw away from the local marina. So, he decided to set up a booth at the local boat show; one conversation eventually led to many more and within a year and on a whim, Team Nutz received its first professional break: detail more than 100 boats, some upwards of 80 ft. in length. And do it within 60 days.

It’s true that real talent presents itself under pressure. “We had 24 hours to figure out how to properly detail a boat and train our team,” said Nuttall, who quickly realized that much stronger products are required for marina jobs—products that would rip the paint clear off an automobile. Successful detailing led to, you guessed it, wrap installation. If you thought patience was a prerequisite for vehicle wrapping, then canonization is reward for tackling boats. Thankfully ten years in business, a second location, and the personal satisfaction of knowing that no other detailer lasted onsite the marina longer than two years is pat-on-the-back enough for Team Nutz Vehicle Aftermarket Accessories and Electronics.

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