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I’ve seen the future. And while I plan to visit Madame Marie’s sometime in the next week or so, that’s not what I’m talking about. I’ve seen the automotive future, and its loaded with Crossovers. Ford Motor Company announced recently the elimination of all but 2 sedans in the US by 2020. That means in the future, we’re going to need a lot more running boards. Pennsylvania based Romik, a manufacturer of stylish step product for over 60 years, is poised to be a big part of what the future holds. Lets take a closer look at Romik Running Boards.

Romik Running Boards

Since we’re all going to be doing a lot more stepping-up into the vehicles of the future, a running board becomes a “necess-ory”. A necessary accessory. This blend word was taught to me in my early days of retail. Using it when talking to a customer helps change the way they see the item you’re showing them. Its not really optional. You need it. Running boards are necessories.

Romik running boards boast the largest coverage of vehicle fitments in the world. The company is family-owned and strives to maintain their reputation of quality in the industry.  Outfitting your truck, SUV or crossover with a Romik running board can have many benefits. In addition to making it easier to step in and out, they help keep your clothes and carpet cleaner. No more dragging your pant leg on a dirty door sill, or traipsing mud and snow into your cabin.  Running boards can even improve the longevity of your seat fabric, as the increased entry height keeps you from sliding across the seat when you enter.

Matching Style With Style

Today’s (and  tomorrow’s) vehicles are more stylish than ever. Your basic diamond-plated aluminum running board just won’t cut it anymore. Romik Running Boards are for sure about function, but they pay close attention to form. The RAL and RAL-T series feature a contemporary European style. Designed to match the striking lines aesthetics of the European SUVs and CUVs, they provide an OEM look any driver would be proud of.  This series is 5-1/2″ wide and available in in polished aluminum or black anodized finishes. The aircraft-graded extruded aluminum can support up to 400 lbs.  Good thing the people of the future eat healthier, but even if they dont,.. just sayn’

Romik running boards
RAL / RAL-T Series

The RB2 is a sleek, classic design intended to look at home on a wide variety of vehicles. This 6″ board is available in black anodized or a “hybrid” stainless steel finish.

Romik running boards
RB 2 Series

The ROF Series is Romik’s version of the popular rough step but with modern and updated looks. Able to support up to 500 lbs, the ROF series is 6-½ inches wide and is lined with perforations that provide drainage and edges that bite into the sole of shoes for ultimate traction.

Romik running Boards


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