Prym-ed For Action – Covercraft’s New PRYM1 Camo Seat Covers

SeatSaver™. It’s as close to a brand name as you can find in the automotive aftermarket when it comes to seat covers.  Covercraft has been innovating in the area of interior and exterior protection products since the mid 60s. But rather than recline in their application-specific motorized bucket seat, enjoying the benefits of being the brand of choice, they keep on innovating. For in the the backwoods that is the myriad of seat cover choices, you can choose to be the tree if you wish. With PRYM1, Covercraft has chosen to be the predator. Introducing PRYM 1 Seat Covers from Covercraft.

Seat Covers

Exciting New Approach To Seat Covers

Most of the well-known camouflage patterns are designed to blend into the surroundings. They have names that suggest that they’re attempting to look like a stick or a growth on a stationary rock. PRYM1 Camo utilizes the colors and tones of nature combined with the organic shapes and motion of wildlife. The result of this approach are patterns that look, feel and move like a predator.  Covercraft offers PRYM1 in Multi-Purpose and Blackout patterns currently.

Quality You Know

PRYM1 seat covers use the robust 600 denier polyester fabric and classic SeatSaver™styling that has been the hallmark of Covercraft quality. Each is custom patterned for a perfect fit for your specific vehicle. PRYM1 seat covers are machine washable and can be cleaned and dried at home in standard home appliances. All PRYM1 product is backed by a 2-year warranty.

Most kits include covers for headrests and consoles, and seat-back pockets.

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