Pit Bull PBX A/T Hardcore Radial

Highway, farm, ranch, towing or trails, this newest member of the dog pack is your new best friend. The PBX™ A/T Hardcore™ is Pit Bull’s unique answer to the All-Terrain LT market. This IN-BETWEEN tire as Pit Bull calls it, is specifically designed to meet your daily on-road use without sacrificing key off-road functions that you have come to expect from a Pit Bull.  The Pit Bull PBX A/T Hardcore tire provides on-road drive comfort with a low-noise output, while having incredible traction for that off-road adventure.

The product comes in four sizes-

Part No. Size
PB1556RE 35x1250R17LT/E
PB1557RE 35X1250R18LT/E
PB1558RE 35X1250R20LT/E
PB1559RE LT325/50R222 (E) (35X1250R22LT/E) – coming soon


  • 40,000 Mile *Standard Limited Treadwear Warranty on the Pit Bull PBX A/T Hardcore!
  • Winter Performance Rating – 3-Peak Winter Mountain/Snowflake, meets the severe snow requirements of the RMA and RAC
  • Unique Tread Design with 6 row/ 5 circumferential groove channels together help with cooling, highway wear, noise reduction and a truly unique Pit Bull look
  • Staggered Design – increases biting on all types of terrain and weather conditions.
  • Multi-Pitch Variation / All Bite No Bark™ Technology with Variable Pitch Sequence Tread Design – helps to decrease tire pitch noise at higher speeds and increases traction
  • Stone Repellent Technology
  • Super Siping™- a combination of siping techniques helps in wet and snowy conditions and is designed to help reduce sipe stress.
  • Sidewall Tire Tattoos™ – for styling, of course!
  • Made in the USA


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