No Worries with NOCO Power and Charging Solutions

It seems like not that long ago everyone and their mother was producing battery chargers and portable jumpers. Then suddenly—Poof. Gone. Like a bad charge, they faded to black. Not NOCO, though. With true lasting power, this century-old industry leader weathered the storm of flash-in-the-pan competitors, proving it’s not only got the goods, but also a worthy reputation.

A Robust Product Line

Like many of its competitors, NOCO offers small portable jump packs that provide tons of power. But this is far from the extent of its charging capabilities. On-board chargers, solar battery chargers, industrial chargers, multi-purpose chargers, battery cleaners, and a plethora of accessories revolving around charging solutions are also on the menu. It is a brand truly committed to power solutions, and when it comes to 12v or 24v accessories, frankly you really don’t need to look anywhere else.

What’s really refreshing about NOCO products though, is that they often occupy the realm of “I didn’t know that I needed it until I saw it in action.” Not an impulse buy… no, these are just blissfully easier solutions to problems you already knew how to solve. We’ve all been left with a dead battery at one point or another, yeah? It’s a pain when it happens, but it’s not usually the end of the world, right? So long as you can get some help and a set of jumper cables—or in the worst case, a new battery—you’re good to go.

A charging solution from NOCO eliminates any dependency. Suddenly, you don’t have to worry about relying on the good nature of a passing stranger or a buddy with spare time on his hands. With a Genius Boost UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter, you can jump start that dead battery in seconds. And even better, NOCO’s range of battery chargers and maintainers can eliminate the problem altogether by keeping a charge on that car, boat, RV, snowmobile, lawn mower, or whatever it is you’re driving these days. Many of NOCO’s products double as battery boosters, acting as a portable and convenient power source for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and much more. Head out on a road trip or up to that rural cabin for the weekend without worrying about losing contact or getting stranded.

A Rich History

I always find myself completely blown away by companies that have managed to stay in business for over 100 years. To me, that alone tells us everything we need to know. 100 years of service says that generations of customers have leaned on this brand—and consistently trusted them above the competition.

NOCO’s origin story began in 1914 in Cleveland, Ohio. Joseph Henry Nook, a local tire and battery dealer embarked on a worthy pursuit—providing a solution for battery corrosion.

NOCO’s origin story began in 1914 in Cleveland, Ohio. Joseph Henry Nook, a local tire and battery dealer embarked on a worthy pursuit—providing a solution for battery corrosion. In a modern world where nearly everything is powered by some sort of battery, it’s easy for us to take these breakthroughs for granted. But at this time in history, innovating battery power was akin to setting up the first WiFi network or cellphone grid—it was literally connecting people around the world, via telegraphs, telephones, and automobiles. And thanks to forward-thinkers like Nook, this growing technology was able to endure.

“After several hundred different formulations, Mr. Nook began commercially manufacturing and distributing the world’s first Battery Corrosion Preventative, which he called NCP2,” says NOCO. “NCP2 is an acronym for ‘No Corrosion Product,’ which is applied in ‘2 Steps’. The NCP2 brand quickly became a household name in every major battery and automotive shop. For over 100 years, the NCP2 brand has been preventing battery corrosion on over a billion vehicles and applications worldwide,” adds the company.

Hard Work Pays Off

In fact, Joseph Henry Nook himself even made it into the Automotive Hall of Fame for his contributions with the NOCO company. A company whose name has come to mean much more than just charging solutions. “From energy saving circuit and software design to optimized manufacturing operations, we are always improving and taking things to the next level. At NOCO, we don’t try to out-design our competition—we push the limits of what is possible,” says the company proudly.

While always interested in growing and learning, NOCO has also stayed in touch with its roots. Headquarters are in Cleveland, R&D in Pheonix, and additional sales and distribution centers in the Netherlands and Hong Kong.

While always interested in growing and learning, NOCO has also stayed in touch with its roots. All products are designed and engineered in the USA, with the company’s headquarters right where it all began—Cleveland. Additionally, NOCO has an R&D facility in Pheonix, Arizona as well as sales and distribution offices in the Netherlands and Hong Kong to better serve its European and Asian markets.

Seeing is Believing

We’ve established NOCO is a quality brand and searching through the company’s products and reviews will drive that fact home. I know you can’t judge a book by its cover but when we’re talking about electronics, we absolutely will. In the automotive field, you can tell when the electronic part you have will last or not. If the plastic casing, chords, lights, or insulation feel and look cheap, you know the life of the working parts isn’t going to be all that great.

To be completely fair, I didn’t actually have my hands on NOCO product but based on sight alone, I could immediately tell the level of quality. Two of the products I studied extensively were the GB40 portable jump pack and the GEN1 on-board battery charger.

The on-board charger mounts permanently to the vehicle near the battery and during storage the cord attaches to an outlet. It’s waterproof, shock and vibration resistant, requires little to no oversight, and—according to many happy reviews—actually works. What makes this product really unique though is the fact that it remains in the vehicle and can be mounted conveniently out of the way. The process of charging the battery for prolonged storage is made easy by not having to dig out the battery charger and hook it up. It’s already in the vehicle—all you need to do is hook it up and plug it in.

The GB40 is a 1,000-amp portable jump starter that uses a rechargeable lithium battery, and can easily stow away in a glove box, center console, or even your pocket. Packing a lot of punch in a small package, it’s rated to jump up to a 6.0-liter gas engine and a 3.0-liter diesel engine. It’s a great back-up for standard motorists in a pinch, and for those looking for more power, maybe for industrial applications, NOCO offers units that can deliver as much as 20,000 amps!

While NOCO is more than just charging solutions, we can’t deny that’s what they do best. Any toolbox would benefit from a NOCO jumper, as would any motorist looking for some self-sufficiency and added peace of mind.

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