No Compromise: The BAKFlip MX4

Why do people purchase a pickup?  Hint: it’s not for the cupholders.  Whether it’s used to haul your building materials or your beach chairs, the bed is the hallmark feature of your truck.  It’s also the one thing that is potentially exposed to the most amount of abuse.  Stroll into your local dealer and you’ll see that the modern truck interior has become as comfortable and well-appointed as your living room.  Everything is heated from the seats to the steering wheel and plush soft-touch materials grace every inch.  But walk around back and for the most part, the truck bed has remained fairly spartan.  Sure, some come with a liner or extra storage options, but more often than not, you’ll see a sea of bare metal.  Once you sign that dotted-line, protecting that bed is a needed responsibility.  Where should you start?  How about putting a roof over its head!  You can’t do much better than the BAKFlip MX4 from BAK Industries.


In simple terms, it’s just about as easy as it gets.  Easy to install, easy to operate, easy to maintain.  It’s the Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Oven of tonneaus; just set it and forget it.  Even for those of us who have trouble assembling IKEA furniture, it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to install.  And while most covers claim to be “low-profile”, the BAKFlip MX4 does one better.  How about “NO Profile”?  Yep, just like you’d expect from your children, there’s no lip here at alll.  It lies completely flush with the bed of the truck.  So it looks great and is a breeze to install, but is it durable?  Is a pig’s rear pork?  The matte black panels don’t just look great, they boast unmatched scratch and fade resistance.  Plus, the lightweight panels flip-up in seconds and provide 100% bed access–no sacrificing space here.



  • Durable Aluminum Matte Finish Panels
  • Universal Tailgate Operation with Dual Action Seal
  • Injection Molded Latch Housing for Long-Term Durability
  • Premium Density Foam Core
  • Advanced Scratch and Scuff Resistance
  • Rated up to 400 lbs. of Evenly Distributed Weight
  • Extended 3-year Warranty
  • 100% Truck Bed Access
  • Sleek, Low-Profile Design
  • Premium UV Resistance
  • EPDM Outer Rail Seals for Maximum Water Resistance
  • Automatic Latching Panels
  • 3rd Brake Light Visibility (short and standard bed only)
  • No-Drill, Clamp-On Installation
  • Made in the USA
  • BAKBox 2 Compatible

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