NEW Aeromotive Apex Phantom Is Pinnacle of Fuel Delivery

When most people think of the future of the automotive industry, electric cars, flying cars, self-driving cars, and a plethora of other Jetsons-inspired thoughts likely come to mind. That is, unless you’re an enthusiast.

And let’s face it, most of you are.

For auto enthusiasts, we know that traditions won’t change. We know that in the future, people will still be using Jeeps for rock crawling and muscle cars for drag racing. However, we can all agree that the products will evolve. Really, it’s evolving every day. There’s always some modern solution being introduced to the aftermarket to enhance our vehicles’ capabilities.

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And today? Today it’s the future of fuel delivery.

The particular product we’re geeking over today is the Apex Phantom, a new entry in renowned brand Aeromotive’s Phantom in-tank fuel pump line-up. Aeromotive is well-known for producing extremely capable fuel pumps for a variety of demands and applications. But this one? It takes the cake. When all the features of this setup are considered, they just simply make sense.

The features of the Apex Phantom fuel system simply make sense.

It’s absolutely refreshing to see, but I must admit that it makes me scratch my head in wonder—why haven’t we already seen more innovative designs like this? Although, I suppose that sometimes the most obvious solutions are often right under our noses.

So what exactly makes the Apex Phantom fuel pump stand out?

The aftermarket offers plenty of great high-powered pumps that deliver as much available fuel as possible to an engine. But what happens when these pumps don’t have enough fuel available to them? Well, they simply can’t send it—no matter how powerful or well-designed they are.

In the simplest terms, fuel in a vehicle’s tank is in liquid form and that means it moves around. When you launch hard, turn hard, or sit at extreme angles, the fuel can easily move away from the pump. Let’s also not forget that fuel tanks aren’t always flat on the bottom and the pump can sit in a position that makes it impossible to draw fuel from some locations. The Apex Phantom is a problem solver for all of these issues.

The Apex Phantom uses patented jet siphon technology to draw fuel from the furthest corners of the fuel tank.

The first solution that really sets this unit apart from other fuel pumps is the use of Aeromotive’s new siphon technology. The jet siphon is a hose attached to the fuel pump that allows it to draw fuel from remote parts of the tank. This solves issues for all sorts of applications but as it applies to late-model muscle cars with saddle-style fuel tanks, it’s a major breakthrough, as the pump can draw fuel from its natural location, but the siphon technology allows it to also draw fuel that sits over the hump in the tank. This means no fuel will ever go unused.

The Apex Phantom’s unique bladder system is also important. Optional baffles on the bottom of the basket allow fuel to flow into the foam and not run back out, ensuring the pump is always supplied with fuel. But the best thing about this whole setup? It’s self-flooding. That means even if air is pulled into the system, the siphon can still provide fuel to keep any damage from occurring.

We get it—this is new technology and maybe you’re skeptical.

New products always have some kinks to work through, right? Well, with Aeromotive you don’t have to worry. Not only does this company patiently and methodically develop its products, it also regularly tests them. Run by the most enthusiastic of racing fans, Aeromotive utilizes the track as both its playground and proving grounds.

Off-road enthusiasts will be happy to know that the new Apex Phantom offers some serious advantages when rock crawling, too. When a truck or jeep is sitting at an extreme angle and the fuel is being pulled away from the bladder, the Apex system ensures the bladder stays full while the siphon continues to draw fuel from remote parts of the tank.

There are two versions of the Apex Phantom.

The first, (part no. 18704) uses a 340lph pump and retails for about $700. This pump is rated to handle up to 725hp on a naturally aspirated gas engine. For those with even more power, the second option (part no. 18705) is the 450lph variant and can handle up to 925hp on a naturally aspirated gas application. This pump retails for around $800.

The Apex Phantom truly is an amazing system, offering a simple but effective solution across many applications. If however, you don’t want or need the siphon technology, but still want the bladder feature and/or a really nice in-tank fuel pump for your application, check out Aeromotive’s full line of Phantom systems, as they’re sure to have a solution for you.

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