From Mild to Wild, Road Armor Offers Grade A Protection

We may have thousands upon thousands of aftermarket suppliers from which to choose, but #tbh… only a select percentage truly do things right—top-notch quality, no shortcuts, fair price. And even among the small percentage of businesses with first-class workmanship and customer care, there are still those who rise above the rest. When it comes to the truck and off-road segment, Road Armor is one such brand.

At SEMA 2018, Road Armor showcased its all-new iDentity Series of bumpers, shackles, and headache racks, as well as bumpers and body armor for the new JL Wrangler. To top things off, the company’s bumpers were actually featured on the top truck at the SEMA convention. It might not be a new name in the game, but Road Armor continues to wow more than a first-round draft rookie.

So, Who is Road Armor?

First stepping onto the scene in 1999, these guys specialize in producing heavy-duty bumpers for trucks and Jeeps. The specific line of bumpers that put them on the map is the Stealth series. These units really emphasize the term “heavy duty,” as they are constructed of 3/16 gauge steel. For comparison, other leading heavy-duty bumper suppliers manufacture their bumpers with 12 gauge steel, which is heavy duty but thinner.

Even better, Road Armor is based in Dallas, Texas—a state that knows a thing or two about being tough and values the “bigger is better” mentality. The company prides itself on manufacturing its products right here in the United States. (Something to remember as all those Chinese-made competitors start skyrocketing in price.) It doesn’t just stop there though, as the company also backs its products with a lifetime warranty. From day one, these guys will stand behind their product. “There are a lot of other manufacturers on the market these days,” says Road Armor. “We encourage you to learn the difference—the Road Armor difference.”

Show ‘Em What You Got

Good customer service, high-quality products, and pride in the homeland are all part of what keeps this company running. However, without a strong customer base to support the brand, the company would fall flat on its face, right? While a search on social media is sure to turn up some seriously impressive civilian builds, nothing will top the company’s collaborative projects with the armed forces.

The US military, along with our allied nations, actually turn to Road Armor when it comes to using vehicles on both domestic and foreign shores. That said, we stumbled across three extremely impressive builds that fit the bill and pay homage to the brave men and women who serve.

F-150 Operator Build

This F-150 Operator Build, decked out in Road Armor, proves that a Wrangler can be much more than a weekend warrior's platform of choice.

This F-150 Operator build is stacked from head to toe with all sorts of off-road and tactical goodies, including Road Armor Stealth front and rear winch bumpers and a custom-built, assault-ready roof rack. The rack sports plenty of unique mounting opportunities for tactical gear and weapons, held in place by Road Armor’s Otis clamps. With such heavy-gauge steel reinforcing these parts, there’s no doubt they’ll stand up to whatever is thrown at them (bullets and all). And 500 ponies, courtesy of a Whipple Twin Screw supercharger and MagnaFlow cat-back exhaust setup, make sure all that extra weight can still rip through terrain at a getaway speed.

Special Forces Jeep

This Special Forces Jeep, decked out in Road Armor, proves that a Wrangler can be much more than a weekend warrior's platform of choice.

This Special Forces Jeep build proves that a Wrangler can be so much more than a weekend warrior’s platform of choice. According to the company, this Jeep was built with more “light duty” tactical missions in mind. (Yeesh.) Sporting Road Armor rocker panel armor, fenders, and bumpers, it gains recovery gear from WARN as well as a 6.4-liter Hemi engine swap to give it the ultimate advantage in tight spaces, close calls, and obstacle-heavy routes.

Both this vehicle and the F150 above were part of a Road Armor-Green Beret Foundation collaboration. The goal was to come up with practical and tactical takes on off-road vehicles. (We’d say they earned an A+.)

F-350 Tribute

Teaming with the American Valor Foundation, Road Armor built this F-350 tribute to late former Navy SEAL and American Hero, Chris Kyle. It features the company’s Intimidator Bumper, equipped with a Bubba recovery rope and Quake LEDs. A ProComp lift allows it to clear some killer 37s wrapped around SOTA 22″ wheels. The side profile shows off Road Armor’s unique three-step running board and around back you get a perfect view of the custom heavy-duty, headache rack and matching rear bumper.

Road Armor is truly the toughest gear for the toughest folks, from enthusiasts hitting the trail to armed forces, police, and swat. While bumpers may have been how this company rose to the top, it’s Road Armor’s commitment to constant innovation that has kept it there. Today, the brand offers bumpers, body armor, and headache racks for Jeeps and full-sized trucks. The entire product line is formed from the same pride put in the Stealth series bumpers that first put Road Armor on the map. A series that the company proudly admits it owes credit to. Which is one more extremely important value every supplier should hold close to the chest—that is not to forget where you came from.

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