Magnaflow Offers JL Exhaust Systems For 2018 Wrangler

What mod to do first; it’s what every Jeep owner wonders shortly after acquiring a Wrangler. I even heard this topic discussed on the most recent episode of the Jeep Talk Show, which has just become my favorite podcast. If you value performance, and if you don’t – you should, you might decide to upgrade your exhaust. Magnaflow is one of the most trusted brand names in exhaust systems, and true to form are early to the party for the 2018 JL Wrangler.  Below I will give you the details on Magnaflow’s new JL exhaust systems.

2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Exhaust Systems

Upgrading your factory exhaust system can provide improved horsepower, sound and appearance. These benefits are the main reason why an exhaust upgrade is first on many a Jeep owner’s mod list. Popularity of this mod is bolstered by the fact that it is usually easy on the wallet, and not too challenging for the do-it-yourselfer.  If you own a JL Wrangler, first of all congrats! (I hate you). Secondly, get modding! Here are the new JL exhaust systems available now from Magnaflow.


Axle-back systems were very popular with the JK Wrangler, and I expect that popularity to continue for the JL. Only the section from the rear axle gets replaced, making it the least-costly and easiest to install. Magnaflow offers two axle-back JL exhaust systems. #19385 is polished stainless steel, and #19388 is black coated.  What I love about these systems are the dual outputs. JK and JL Wranglers come with a single-output exhaust with a very boring looking exit.  Magnaflow’s axle-back kits have dual angled tips that increase flow and greatly improve the look of any JK or JL from behind.

JL exhaust systems


Replacing your exhaust system with a cat-back upgrade from Magnaflow is going to give you the best gain in performance. These systems can also offer more aggressive tonal qualities and be a better choice when planning to upgrade your suspension or bumpers. # 19416 is polished stainless and is positioned in the same “MF Series” as the two previously mentioned cat-back JL exhaust systems. Like those systems, this is also a dual-output system.

JL exhaust systems

#19386 is a high-clearance Rock Crawler series system, with a high-flow straight through design. It too is stainless steel, but just not polished.

#19387 is a similar design, but turns down before the axle, for the greatest clearance off-road. It is a part of the Off-Road Pro series with a satin finish.

All 5 systems are available now through your neighborhood Magnaflow dealer. Even if you fancy yourself as a DIY Jeeper, stop into your local 4×4 shop and see what else they might have for your JL.

Take good care of it, and DM me a link to your Craiglsist listing when you sell it in 10 years…  oIIIIIIIo



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