Putco LuminiX LED Jeep Tail Lamps for JK Wrangler

Putco may not be a household name. But if you had asked any shop owner what bulbs to use to brighten up your factory headlights, they’d probably tell you Putco. Putco arrived early to the LED party. Their LuminiX line of sleek LED product pushed the envelope of design and function. Putco also took on the task of offering LED headlights for the Jeep® Wrangler JK (2007-2018). Their LuminiX JK headlights are still wildly popular. So much so that they’re regularly “knocked-off” by overseas manufacturers. Proving that they’re still at the cutting edge and that the JK is still king, Putco announced JK-specific Luminix Jeep Tail Lamps at the SEMA Show this past November. Grab some sunglasses, and read on…

LuminiX Jeep Tail Lamps

It’s bears repeating, the JK is the Mr. Potatohead of the automotive world. It’s popularity fueled by the ease of upgradability of it’s factory parts. The market for improved exterior lighting for the JK has remained strong. The 10218 Luminix Jeep Tail Lamps, however, are Putco’s first foray into replacement taillight assemblies. They’ve brought all their engineering knowledge to bear on this product. The 10218 “checks al the boxes” to use an appropriate but soon-to-be cliche phrase.

Safety And Legality

Taillights are required by law. Working taillights alert drivers behind you that you are there, and to when you are turning or braking. Zzzzzzzzzzz. Boring. Who cares? I can hear a Jeopardy contestant now: “I’ll take “THINGS I WON’T REPLACE UNTIL MY OLD ONE BREAKS” for $500, Alex”. But the Jeep world has proven that if you build something better, Jeep customers will replace something that is in perfect working order.

Using “Chip On Board” (COB) technology, Putco crams powerful LEDs into the small real estate of the LuminiX Jeep Tail Lamps. The intensity of the LEDs make you instantly more noticeable, and therefore, safer. Another great safety feature, is a “running light” level of lower intensity remains on whenever parking or headlights are on.

Jeep Tail Lamps

Safety Meets Style

The running light feature does make you safer in those dawn and dusk hours when headlights aren’t always needed. But in all honesty, having a running light at the rear of your Jeep looks cool. It’s one of those things that motivates you to replace good parts, as mentioned above. So, knowing that the Luminix Jeep Tail Lamps have a sequential “scanning” turn signal might really push JK owners over the edge. Highly noticeable and very stylish, adding movement to the amber directionals takes you from boring to bad ass.

Demonstration : Running, Braking, Reverse & Turn

Blinded By The Light

Even if you have a backup camera in your JK, good visibility while reversing is a challenge. Many JK owners opt to add auxiliary lights to brighten up the rear of the Jeep while in reverse. Putco’s new Luminix Jeep Tail Lamps put out a massive 1,200 Lumens of crisp, white light while backing up. Installing a set of these will allow you to truly see behind your Jeep without having to add any additional lights. They may even lead your friends to say “Manfred MANN those things are bright!”

Jeep Tail Lamps

Part No. 12018 LuminiX Jeep Tail Lamp (Set of 2)



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