MBRP Gets Off – Off Camber Fabrications JK Light Bar

Jeep Light Bar

MBRP has achieved near-legendary status in the performance exhaust world in just a short period of time. Their now famous B&B Eliminator snowmobile silencer launched the company on a skyward trajectory. That success helped MBRP become the premier manufacturer of diesel truck exhaust systems. They have since expanded offerings into the gasoline powered sport truck and Jeep domains.  Their Jeep brand is known as Off Camber Fabrications, or OCF. The new Off Camber Fabrications Jeep light bar is the newest example of manufacturing and marketing expertise.

Formed Function

What makes the new Off Camber Fabrications Jeep light bar unique is that there are two versions. One model, #182728 will bolt right on to any factory JK (07-17 Jeep Wrangler) with no modification.  The second model, 182766, is designed to fit their own aftermarket Jeep bumpers.  Both allow for easy mounting of standard 10″ LED light bars.  The aggressive look and style of this product would look outstanding with some of the RGB or colored backlight LED options out there.  The bar can also accept up to four traditional round lights.


Jeep Light Bar

From The Back Country To The Bush

The entire OCF division of MBRP is staffed with Jeep enthusiasts designing products for Jeep enthusiasts.  Engineered for the harshest of environments, each new product must “earn” its place in the OCF brand family. Each is hand built and jig assembled to insure precision and quality. Despite such high standards, OCF has a full catalog of JK performance accessories. Roof Racks, Cargo Baskets, various reinforcement and protection products and, oh yes…exhaust systems.

MBRP exhaust systems are known for a deep, mellow tone, but there’s nothing mellow about the MBRP Jeep off-road exhaust systems.  Built with performance in mind, they are much more aggressive sounding than your average sport truck system.

So whatever accessory you may need, if you display OCD for your JK, think OCF.



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