You Don’t Know JACK! ARB Hydraulic Off-Road Jack

Any off-roader knows that even the best planned trip can go sideways in a hurry. For some, that’s part of the allure. While getting stuck may be part of the fun, staying stuck is never fun. Just ask Jack Shephard, Rick Marshall, or ALF. A high lift off-road jack can help salvage a day on the trail (and prevent an unwanted night on one). Leave it to ARB to look at this tried and true tool with fresh eyes and an innovative mindset. Still don’t know what I’m talking about? With all due respect, you don’t know JACK. Allow me to introduce you to him, JACK, the hydraulic off-road jack from ARB.

Hydraulic Off-Road Jack

Regular long-travel off-road jacks require a bit of “oomph” to lift a stuck Jeep, truck or even ATV. ARB harnessed the power of hydraulics, kicking in with even the lightest force, to smoothly lift you out.  JACK will lift in 13mm increments with each downward move. A red “lowering lever” triggers a two-stage decent feature that swiftly brings you back to earth. A safety stop is included to ease the landing. Lowering can be achieved at two different speeds if needed, ideal for racing.

JACK Strong

ARB states that JACK can lift 2,000kg. But since I had to put my pet wallaby down, I have no one to do my metric conversions for me. A quick trip to the Googles told me that equates to 4,409 lbs. JACK is a pretty tough dude.

off-road jack

If JACK gets a little overloaded, the blowoff valve helps prevent an unwanted drop. Good looking out, JACK.

JACK Handsome

JACK is low-key sexy. He knows he’s got it going on, but he’s not about to flaunt it. ARB designed JACK with a blend of ergonomics and reliability.  The handle is positioned high atop of JACK, and it swivels. No need to kneel down in the mud or contort yourself to get a good angle.

JACK Gets Personal

If JACK, the new hydraulic off-road jack from ARB, could draft a personal ad, it might go like this:

“Hi, I’m JACK, new in town. Looking for an adventurous mate (he’s an Aussie) for a romp in the outback. I’m 48″ tall dark complected, rugged, handy with a vehicle and love the outdoors.”

JACK. Coming Soon from ARB.




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