An Inside Look at JBA Speed Shop

J. Bittle American (JBA) opened its doors in 1985, specializing in building and servicing hundreds of street, custom, and race vehicles of all years, makes, and models. Located in San Diego, CA, JBA Speed Shop is still family owned and operated. The team of master mechanics, engine builders, and lifetime enthusiasts have more than 75 years of combined hands-on experience. They perfected their craft long before carburetors evolved into sophisticated computer controlled, fuel-injected systems and superchargers maximized horsepower and torque performance.

“Our technicians have experience in two very different worlds. On the one hand, they have years of modifying carburetors and distributors to achieve optimum results, while on the other hand they have to understand modern electronic fuel injection including its various sensors and strategies,” said JBA Speed Shop.

Best of Both Worlds at JBA Speed Shop

Old-school skill meets cutting-edge technology at JBA Speed Shop, providing gearheads with an impressive end result. “Naturally aspirated, supercharged, turbo’d or nitrous-enhanced! Whether you just want to calibrate your speedometer, verify your horsepower and torque, or custom tune your ride for optimum drivability and power, we have you covered,” said the company.

Caption: JBA houses a 160-mph Dyno Dynamics chassis dyno as well as a 2500-hp and 1,800-ft/lbs of torque DTS engine dyno to help you get the most performance out of your engine either before or after it is bolted in. Its dyno facility provides advanced high performance engine dyno testing and tuning for street performance, drag, circle track, road racing, off-road, and marine race engines.

Did You Know?

Did we mention their influence on state emissions, both for older and modern vehicles? This includes spearheading legal performance products within their home state of CA and pioneering the integration of other aftermarket components to develop complete engine systems that maintain the integrity of performance, reliability, and smog legality.

  • Invented the first smog legal “shorty header” back in the late 80s
  • Credited as the owners/creators of JBA Headers, which was sold to Pertronix Performance Ignition Products in 2008
  • Built the Zoomy headers for Ron Capps’ Camaro funny car
  • Set a land speed record for Ford Motor Company in a 2001 Focus built by the JBA Speed Shop team

Want to learn more about JBA? Make sure to visit their YouTube channel to discover the magic of their builds. 

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