Hot Cocoa! – New X-ACT Contour® Floor Liners From Husky

In the automotive aftermarket, the Fall is sometimes referred to as “Lighting Season.”  It’s prudent to make sure you have great working headlights before we start losing daylight hours.  But Fall is called “Fall” for a reason.  Stuff Falls. It falls on the ground, you step on it, and it ends up ground into your carpeted floor mats.  You can’t fix that with a pumpkin-scented air freshener. Husky Liners® X-Act Contour® floor liners perfectly match your interior. They match in fit, they match in feel, and now they even match in color.

Floor Liners 101

X-Act Contour floor liners have been around for a few years now. Husky uses FormFit Design™ to form each liner to specific vehicle floorboards.  What makes X-Act Contour special is the rubberized DuraGrip™ material. Many other floor liners feel like “trays” that while protecting well, don’t match very will with soft interior fabrication. And if you like putting the pedal to the metal in Jimmy Choo’s, you may not like that rough stuff against your heels. DuraGrip was designed with comfort in mind. Sacrificing no strength, the X-act Contour floor liners feel luxurious.

Floor LIners

Do Yourself A Flavor

Black goes with just about anything, except when it comes to a car’s interior with a “brown-ish” color scheme. Tan interiors need accessories with complimentary colors to look great but not call too much attention to themselves. Enter Cocoa. Cocoa blends nicely with woodgrains and leathers found in today’s upscale cabins.

The Cocoa floor liners are the same as the black liners that have been on the market. X-act-ly the same, shall we say.

The X-Act Contour product focuses on coverage for today’s full-sized truck, SUV and Jeep models.  Cocoa color is an option on late-model RAM, Ford and GM Trucks, with more coverage expected in the months to come.

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