Hot New Towing Accessories From Names You Can Trust

Looking to get in on the growing RV craze? Smart move! Whether it’s exploring natural parks, discovering unique roadside attractions, or simply enjoying a little time in a home away from home, RVing offers plenty of fun for the whole family. There is a seemingly endless array of options on the market, but according to Go RVing, 80% of RVs sold in the United States are actually nonmotorized. And it doesn’t matter if you’re buying, renting, or borrowing, safely transporting a towable requires superior equipment. Luckily, the aftermarket is bursting with top-notch manufacturers who live and breathe high-quality towing accessories. Check out the best-of-the-best as well as a few exciting new products.

Blue Ox: Safe & Secure

In some cases, despite proper knowledge and preparation, sway happens. Trailer sway occurs when the unit begins frantically moving side to side. And make no mistake, it can be deadly. That’s where the Blue Ox SwayPro® Weight Distributing Hitch comes in. Blue Ox, a major player in the tow bar & baseplate market, has established itself a solid reputation in the industry, servicing a variety of markets with its high-grade towing accessories. The Sway Pro is no exception.

Using weight distribution technology with built-in trailer sway prevention, the SwayPro relies on tension to keep your RV or trailer centered and in line with the towing vehicle. Unlike other systems that may slow down trailer sway, SwayPro is geometrically optimized to actually bring the trailer back into alignment, ensuring stability and control.

Blue Ox also offers its respected Patriot II Braking System, a serious contender for RV enthusiasts seeking safety-minded towing accessories. An all-electric in-coach brake controller, it allows drivers to monitor and adjust braking response within the tow vehicle. It works on all vehicles, including hybrids, and is completely self-contained, meaning there are no tanks to drain or hoses to connect. And its lightweight construction makes it easy to transfer between tow vehicles.

Soon to be released is the Patriot 3, which adds some exciting features to the already reliable system. According to the company, the Patriot 3 will automatically check brake pressure during setup and continuously monitor it during towing.

B&W Trailer Hitches: Utility Versatility

Travel enthusiasts who use their truck for towing likely use that 4×4 for other brutish tasks as well. No one should have to sacrifice convenience in one arena for utility in another. Allow us to introduce B&W trailer hitches.

Using a solid, under-bed mounting system that bolts directly to existing holes in the frame, the Turnoverball requires only a small 4” hole in the bed. When not in use, the ball simply pops out, turns over, and stores inside the receiver, allowing for a level bed. As the #1 gooseneck hitch in America, B&W’s Turnoverball literally set the industry standard, stating that “today, nearly every gooseneck manufacturer uses this type of ball storage and mounting system.”

Innovating further, the company built upon this thought process to design its award-winning fifth-wheel hitch, the Companion. Using the same mounting system, the Companion has only a single-point attachment for easy install and removal. Polyurethane bushings eliminate metal-to-metal contact while shock absorbers cushion side-to-side movement, allowing for a smooth and quiet ride. And 1” thick wrap-around jaws fit your kingpin perfectly, eliminating sloppy and unsafe stops and starts.

Backing up this stability is the strength of all-American sourced steel and the craftsmanship of a homegrown workforce.

CURT Manufacturing

Seeking a different kind of easy access? Something more technology-minded?

CURT’s newest offering in its robust line of towing accessories, is the Echo™ Mobile Brake Control, an absolute first-of-its-kind device that takes “ease of use” to a new level. The unit is compact and portable, installing in minutes. Simply plug it into the standard 7-way RV blade socket at the rear of your vehicle, then plug the trailer harness into the Echo. Follow the appropriate steps for linking the device to your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection and special app. From there, the unit automatically handles calibration on its own and your phone turns into the brake controller interface, allowing you to make all adjustments right through the app. The Echo™ can easily store up to five towing profiles within the app, so you don’t have to change settings every time you change vehicles.

CURT hasn’t ruled out the usefulness of analog convenience either. The company’s Adjustable Channel Mount Hitch Step offers a wide 16″ textured step for a safe and stable stepping surface at the front or rear of the vehicle. The unit fits into any CURT Adjustable Channel Mount, adding vehicle functionality and easier access. Constructed of cast steel, it’s extra sturdy, supporting up to 500lbs. And when not in use, the step simply folds up and out of the way.

The Best Towing Accessories Are Knowledge and Prep

While any of these towing accessories would be a great addition to your rig, nothing can substitute safe practice and common sense. ALWAYS verify your vehicle’s towing capability and be sure to factor in the added weight from on-board cargo when towing. Just because a hitch can handle the weight, doesn’t mean your vehicle can. And when it comes to any electronic driver assistance, take the time to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the system before you hit the open road.

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