Do Tread on Me: Westin’s HDX Xtreme Nerf Bars

Truck design has changed in the past decade.  Look at an F-150 or Silverado from 2007 and compare it to a current offering.  Smooth curves have moved aside in favor of longer lines and sharper corners.  Aftermarket manufacturers have caught onto the shift and high and tight bumpers and squared-off lighting are now the norm.  Westin has been at the forefront of this trend with their popular HDX line of products. The line features bumpers, guards, and light mounts that integrate beautifully with the modern lines and seams of today’s pickups. Their newest offering, the HDX Xtreme Nerf Step Bars just may be Westin’s most wild departure from ordinary–but I think we can agree, they sure are a looker.

One small step for man, one GIANT leap for step bar design

While they may look a bit different than the traditional conjured image of “nerf bars” make no mistake, the renowned Westin build quality is here.  One-piece construction ensures consistency and strength while the textured powder coat finish provide a dose of style and durability.  And the oversized design isn’t just for looks.  The larger step areas provide sure footing for easier cab entry and exit.  Most bars I encounter only allow me to put the heel or toe of my size 12’s on their surface–not so with these.  An injection molded polymer step pad also beefs up the grip so you don’t ever miss a step.


March on over to your local Authorized Westin dealer to view these beauts in person.  Times have changed, shouldn’t your nerf bars?

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