Get Revved Up: TV’s Hottest Truck Shows

TV’s BEST Truck Shows

For those who majored in all-things automotive with a special concentration in rigs, we’ve singled out 13 truck shows available right now for your viewing pleasure. And just because we love you, we’ve gone one step further. Our list also highlights some of the particularly fun episodes featuring unique or classic trucks that these shows have to offer. So get your butt to the couch, and make sure you’re up to date on your cable and Netflix bills. You’ll be busy on this deep dive into some of TV’s hottest truck shows.

1. Restoration Garage

Restoration Garage follows David Grainger and the renowned Guild of Automotive Restorers in Ontario, Canada. Grainger and his employees repair, restore, and customize a variety of classic and antique cars. As a result, these guys aren’t afraid of a challenge. Truck fans will appreciate Season 2, Episode 5 where team member Jay takes on the task of creating a four door “Frankentruck” out of twin 1937 Chevy truck cabs. The show airs Thursdays at 10 pm on Discovery’s Velocity network. Fans in Canada can catch episodes on the History Channel.

2. Fast N’ Loud

With 100 episodes and 12 seasons, Fast N’ Loud has restored and sold countless custom rides. The show features Richard Rawlings and former right-hand man Aaron Kaufman from the Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, Texas. These guys itch to get their hands on timeless hot rods or classic muscle cars. But they’ve gladly tackled several truck challenges as well. Check out Season 6 where the team builds a Pace Race Truck for Pike’s Peak International Race. Or tune into Season 7 where they build a 1976 Chevy C-10 show truck for the Cattle Baron’s Ball. Or maybe this past season’s challenge will be of more interest, in which the guys announce a 1963 Ford Econoline as their choice for Hot Wheel’s Red Line Club. Catch up on the Discovery Channel or binge past episodes on iTunes.

3. Diesel Brothers

Diesel Brothers is also a brainchild of the Discovery Channel, and this show promises two things: crazy trucks and always diesel. It’s hosted by Heavy D and Diesel Dave, two bearded bros from Utah with big personalities to match their even bigger custom builds. Diesel Brothers is what Jalopnik calls “peak ‘Murica”. And we have to agree, as it might be the truckiest of truck shows on this list. These guys seem to live by the motto “Work hard, play hard” which is evidenced by their ridiculous, yet often hilarious, antics. The show is only in its second season so you could easily spend a weekend binge-watching previous episodes and catch up to their most recent escapade—trying to “dieselfy” a Prius.

4. Bitchin’ Rides

Bitchin’ Rides follows Dave Kindig and his team at Kindig-It Design. Viewers are treated to truly unique customizations on all makes and models from all time periods. Check out the episode “The F Five Ohhhh” from this past season. In it, Kindig and his team modify a 1954 Ford F-100 to epic performance proportions with a customized interior to suit its 6’4″ owner. Also, fans will be glad to hear that the show has been renewed for a fourth season. And for new viewers, don’t forget to keep an eye out for some of the more famous customers among Kindig’s clientele.

5. Truck Tech

Truck Tech is a 30-minute program that airs on Sunday mornings as part of PowerNation. PowerNation is a lineup of automotive how-to shows hosted on Spike TV that feature current techniques and trends in the aftermarket industry. To that end, Truck Tech aims to provide technical know-how on restoration and modification techniques to customize all varieties of truck builds. Episodes air periodically on CBS Sports Network and NBC Sports Network but can also be found commercial-free online at

6. Top Gear

With their trove of TV awards and nominations, as well as a cult-like fan following, Top Gear might be the prom king of car and truck shows on this list. The show is a British program launched in 2002 and is actually a reboot of the 1977 original show of the same name. Top Gear covers everything from car reviews to test drives to car-build challenges. The hosts are informative and entertaining and always find time for some hilariously wild antics. For example, what better way to measure the smoothness of off-road vehicles than by being tattooed during transit?

With 24 seasons, these guys have seen, examined, driven, modified, and crashed countless vehicles. Truck lovers will get a kick out of Season 3, Episode 5 in which the hosts do nearly every damaging act they can think of to try and kill a Toyota pick-up. Its durability will be sure to impress. And if you’re worried the show will be too “British” for you, check out the hilarious episode in Season 9 where the hosts take a road trip across the southern US and almost get shot in Alabama. New episodes air on BBC America and many past seasons can be found on Netflix.

7. Wheeler Dealers

Another import from across the pond, Wheeler Dealers features hosts Mike Brewer and Edd China who find and restore iconic classic rides. This show is set apart from its competition mainly due to Edd. He is a master mechanic who truly takes the time to patiently and effectively explain step-by-step repair details. Discovery’s Velocity network recently picked up the show and, unfortunately, they’ve deemed Edd’s in-depth sequences to be “too difficult” to make. Edd’s unwillingness to cut corners is something we can respect. And while we’re sure the show will still be fun and informative with his replacement, Ant Anstead, we recommend catching up on the older episodes to truly appreciate what makes the show so special.

Don’t see anything on this list that interests you? Check back soon and find out if the final six on our truck shows list do the trick.

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