Freedom Rules with Rightline Gear

It’s the perfect time of year to get out and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer. And we’ve got the perfect company to help you do just that. Rightline Gear is designing and manufacturing some of the most useful and durable camping and carrier equipment on the market. Their products are innovative, clever, and good-looking. Outdoor enthusiasts looking for simple and cost-effective ways to tackle their next overlanding adventure will be plenty impressed.

Car Top and Car Back Carriers

What good is all that gear if you don’t have the cargo space to transport it? Rightline Gear solves that problem with their car top and car back carriers. No matter what size or type of vehicle you have, Rightline has a cargo solution for you. All of their luggage carriers attach with or without a roof rack, making installation easy and adaptable. Many of their carriers also feature what the company refers to as the ZipRight System. A urethane-coated zipper is installed under a protective flap so that wind can’t drive water through the teeth of the zipper. This is combined with their Dual Seam Technology meaning that the PVC Mesh and Hydrotuff Material are sewn together and then actually welded shut. (When they say Waterproof, they mean 100%.)

Their patented Cargo Saddlebag is a unique and thoughtfully-designed way to provide easier access and loading. Created to attach to the back of SUVs, minivans, and crossovers, the saddlebag may appeal to weekend warriors looking for a more lease-friendly option. It also functions without the aid of a roof rack. And since it doesn’t get whacked by the elements there’s no worry that it will scratch the roof.

Better yet, both the top and rear carriers are aerodynamically designed, which adds up to savings at the gas pump. Those extra dollars will help offset the cost of all the other cool gear you’ll want after poking around Rightline Gear’s website.

Car Top and Auto Duffle Bags

If a full-size carrier isn’t portable enough for you, check out Rightline’s Car Top and Auto Duffle Bags. The duffles are crafted from the same tough waterproof/sunproof material and rock those sexy-sounding welded seams. But as an added bonus, you can store these in or on your vehicle and carry them by hand when you get to where you’re going. They’re perfect for weekend getaways or family vacations. Or for your kids’ nasty smelling sports gear that continually makes your backseat uninhabitable.

Vehicle-Attached and Pop-Up Tents

Now that you have a place to put all your stuff for the journey, you need a spot to enjoy it upon arrival. Rightline Gear offers super transportable truck, SUV and pop-up tents to keep you cozy, comfortable and dry. The tents are constructed of sturdy waterproof and fire resistant fabric and sport glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls and a lantern-hanging hook. Their truck bed tent design allows you to set up camp wherever your vehicle can take you, regardless of flat ground. And the SUV tents add significant square footage to your covered camping area by connecting to the back of the vehicle. Set-up for all designs is easy and doesn’t require any climbing, crawling, screaming, cussing, or crying.

If you’re looking for even more creature comforts, try one of Rightline Gear’s Truck Bed Air Mattresses. Comfortable and sturdy, they serve as an excellent complement to any truck bed tent. They come in both full size and mid size, fit inbetween the wheel wells (so storage is still available), and at less than $100, are super affordable.

Jeep Products

Jeepers Creepers, where’d you get all that sweet weatherproof storage? You guessed it. Rightline Gear has (wisely) entered into the Jeep market with all kinds of clever storage solutions. They’ve designed innovative cargo bags that are angled to fit into all the unused spaces of the Wrangler. Trunk space, side storage, clip-on roll bar storage. They’ve even crafted a special neoprene duffle to provide safe scratch-free storage for rolled up soft top windows. Jeepers can crawl rocks with the confidence that their necessary gear is tucked away safely and securely.

About Rightline Gear

Sometimes what makes a product line great is the people standing behind it. Rightline Gear approaches the aftermarket with a forward-thinking attitude and a strong blue collar work ethic. Their commitment to improve and develop has us impressed and eager to see what’s next!

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