What’s with the Donks? Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em, But Respect ‘Em

Donks: love ‘em or hate ‘em, but respect ’em. And as my fellow Engine Block writer covered in his recent All Roads Connect column, there’s strong opinions when it comes to this movement. Okay, I see why a lot of people would be turned off by donks. They’re loud, brash, and absolutely over the top. But like a good Bob Marley tune, I side with love. Why? Because every square inch of these cars is beautifully dressed with an astonishing attention to detail. I wouldn’t bump out a classic HEMI in my dream garage to make room for a donk, but I appreciate the unique appeal nonetheless.

Nothing like a Cantaloupe colored donk to cruise!

The goal in every disagreement is to find an area of common ground. Perhaps as it applies to donks, the pristine paint jobs are just that. These cars are always finished with glass-like coatings, beautiful designs, and elaborate schemes. We’ve lined up some killer donks, so grab those shades and be ready to be blinded by some of the most vibrant builds you’ve ever laid eyes on. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll convert you from a hater to a respecter.

1974 Caprice

A 468-cubic inch big block doesn’t exactly scream “classy”. But one sitting under the hood of something so elegantly crafted is nothing short of awesome. This 1974 Caprice has been massaged from front to rear with flush mounted bumpers and a beautiful cantaloupe paint job that touts custom pinstriping. This Caprice is not only appealing to stare at for hours, but also to cruise around in for days. The glass-like finish of the paint makes it the perfect car to kick off our list of donks.

1971 Impala

The House of Kolor paint line shows up a lot in the world of custom rides. Here we find their striking deep purple topped with a combo of neon orange and shadows of lighter purple to really make the flames and hood pop. Flames are usually found on classic hot rods, but they definitely fit the donk vibe. The contrast of orange and purple, as well as the attention to detail in each stroke, dubs this ’71 Impala one of the most beautiful paint jobs we’ve come across.

1975 Caprice

There is more than one thing that is bound to draw a spectator to this car. Like the blower peeking through the hood, exquisite chrome details, and, in true donk fashion, a stunning candy paint job. Without a doubt, there’s some serious business going on under the hood. Performance aside, the gold is smooth, elegant, and absolutely breathtaking from front to rear.

1972 Impala

Gold and silver baby: the precious metals mankind has been lusting over for centuries. We discussed the golden Caprice, so it’s only natural to follow up with a silver Impala. What makes this paint job special is the sheer simplicity of it. Many donks border gaudy and are loaded with pinstriping or airbrush work. This takes the cake for doing a lot with real little. The choice of Lexus Silver Pine Metallic is a great decision for this body style, whether it’s a donk or not.

1971 Impala

We just had to have at least one way over the top paint jobs. We love them though, really we do. And as far as crazy builds go, this is the only kind that can pull off such ridiculousness. How outlandish, you ask? Like Outrageous Miami Pink with checkerboard flags painted onto a 1971 Impala. Those signature wheels and suspension… wowza! Bright paint finish aside, it’s beautiful craftsmanship and a strong contender to wrap up this segment about donks.

Many donks border gaudy and are loaded with pinstriping or airbrush work. This takes the cake for doing a lot with real little. A purple and orange flame combo that ranks near the very top in paint jobs.Those signature wheels and suspension... wowza! Bright paint finish aside, it's beautiful craftsmanship and a strong contender to wrap up this segment about donks.





Customization of any kind is an expression of personality. As true enthusiasts, it’s disappointing for us to see so many builds looking the same these days. Yah, black trucks with big wheels and black muscle cars with a lot of power are cool, but when you see them everywhere, they lose their edge. By no means, we aren’t saying donks are the answer. But it’s time to pull a page from their playbook—different is cool. BREAK the trends and keep true customization alive and thriving. 

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