Dangerous Curves – RIGID Radiance Plus™ Light Bar

When working on a truck or Jeep® build, it is important to make choices that fit the intended use of the vehicle. Some builds are for show, and some more functional, but most are a combination of both.  One important choice that can have a huge impact on functionality and appearance is lighting. LED technology has radically changed the lighting market, and RIGID® is a leading manufacturer of products in this category. One of their most distinctive and popular lines is the Radiance Series. Radiance LED pods and LED light bars have colored back lighting to accentuate the look of the vehicle. RIGID has just introduced the Radiance Plus™ Curved LED Series to create even more opportunities for personalization.

Radiance Plus LED Light Bars

Usually when you see the word “plus” after something good, you get the impression that the plus version is better. This assumption holds true with the new Radiance Plus LED Light Bars. Improved LED technology gives the Plus more light output than ever before.  Based on RIGID’s legendary E-Series the Radiance boasts the same high-grade aluminum housing. RIGID’s Broad Spot Optics combine attributes of spot and flood beam patterns for outstanding coverage. Available with red, green, blue, white or amber backlighting and newly updated RIGID branding plates, Radiance Plus is just georgous. Seriously Dangerous Curves

LED Light Bars
Radiance Plus 30″ Curved LED Light Bar

Additional Improvements

In addition to being curved and having better light output, the Radiance Plus LED Light Bars include a multi-trigger harness. Think of your light bar as Captain Kirk’s Phaser. One trigger(switch) controls the colored backlight. That’s your “Stun” setting. Your other trigger, well, you had better mean bidness when you pull it. That trigger is the kill switch, unleashing up to 21,384 raw lumens. Stunning and Killer. That’s Radiance Plus. This multi-trigger harness is included, complete with relay, in-line fuse and two lighted switches for inside the cabin.

Mind Bending Builds

So if you’re looking to add that touch of performance and style to your rig, think Radiance.  Check out the video showing off the original Radiance product. Straight or Curved, Radiance helps you Own the Night™.

LED Light Bars

Here’s all the notable RIGID Radiance™ Plus Light Bar Features

  • Improved LED Technology Now Offers An Output of up to 21,384 Raw Lumens
  • Complete Multi-Switch Wiring Harness Included
  • Back-Lighting Available in White, Green, Red, Blue, and Amber
  • E-Series Construction & Durability
  • High-Grade Aluminum Alloy Housing and Heat Sink
  • Black Powder-Coated Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets
  • Black Exposed Printed Circuit Board
  • Dedicated Wire to Run Back-Lighting without Primary LEDs
  • Updated RIGID Branding Plates With Back-Lighting (20” And Larger)
  • IP68 Tested
  • MIL-STD-810G Vibration Tested
  • High Impact Polycarbonate Lens
  • Gore® Adhesive Vent
  • Stainless Steel Assembly Hardware
  • ASTM-G154 UV Tested
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