Coast to Coast International’s Imposter Series Wheel Skins

Most SUV and CUV models are quite utilitarian in nature; they’re workhorses, hauling the troops to daily obligations and towing some toys on the weekend. Although these vehicle owners certainly want their rides to look fresh, functionality typically edges out a fashion statement. That is until the launch of Coast to Coast International’s Imposter Series Wheel Skins, which offer a cost-effective appearance upgrade minus the investment of thousands in high-end aftermarket wheels.

Wheel Skins – Huh?

Essentially, wheel skins are aftermarket clads (wheels liners) that are constructed of durable automotive-grade ABS – designed and manufactured to simulate and overlay stock OE wheels. Take them out of the box and install in literally seconds. More than 100+ part numbers in chrome or gloss black (depending upon the application) are available. “Impostor wheel skins provide the easiest and most cost-effective way to upgrade the trim level appearance of a vehicle. And they look like an OEM product once installed,” said Kurt Kruse, Marketing Director. NEW gloss black applications are available!

Grille Overlays

Did you know that Coast to Coast International also offers grille overlays? Constructed of automotive-grade ABS and chrome plated for a long-lasting shine, the overlays instantly, and easily, upgrade the vehicle’s aesthetics while complementing the OEM styling of the vehicle.

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