Brand Spotlight: Down Under with Xray Vision Premium Lighting Solutions

When the good people at Xray Vision say that their products are “Rough enough for the Outback, tough enough for you,” you better believe they aren’t joking. If wanderlusters and off roaders alike are going to stay alive in Australia, they’ve got to be tough. Like forged-from-some-unbelievably-strong-material kind of tough. It’s either that or get knocked unconscious by a musclebound kangaroo and wind up as dinner for a 15-foot python. Eh, mate?

Xray Vision produces light bars and off-road driving lights that are not only sturdy, but also (dare we say) unmatched when it comes to performance. Water, dirt, and even impact are no longer concerns. The company uses die-cast alloys, stainless steel, and a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate to ensure product longevity. Its lighting products also boast some impressive cutting-edge industry technologyAnd they’re finally coming stateside.

A Step Above the Rest

Xray Vision sets itself apart from the competition with its exclusive Quad-Optic LED Multiplexer Projection Technology. Basically, four individual optical components gather and project light from high-powered LEDs, rather than scattering that light from a single shallow reflector. This means you can see farther and clearer, even in the most rugged terrain. So, while they look like a traditional lightbar, they actually offer better visibility, a sleeker design, and a lower profile.

Illuminating Product Offerings

Xray Vision produces LED lightbars, slimline lightbars, and stackable slimline lightbars in a wide variety of lengths. They all rotate 360° and can be ball-joint-mounted pretty much anywhere. Additionally, the products feature top-of-the-line quality and can work in any climate. Even better, they configure in a million different unique ways when stacking, mixing, and matching.

Just check out this sick FJ Cruiser ready for serious off-road action. The build was done by TJM Perth, a leading 4X4 accessories shop in Western Australia, who have been proudly distributing Xray Vision products for some time. “The most popular HID lights that we sell at TJM Perth are the Xray Vision HID Driving Lights … We also believe they give the best value for money compared to many of the other brands out there,” says the company in a blog post about choosing the right driving lights.

Bright Future Ahead

Xray Vision products offer the dependability of superior materials designed for “almost any environment, from rugged terrain and unsurfaced roads to cross-country, muddy courses and desert racing,” says the company. These products truly allow you to “see beyond” and are set to light up the American aftermarket. And we can’t wait to get our hands on them!

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