Brand Spotlight: Clayton Machine Works Offers All the Goodies to Make Your Ride Pop

Building a sleek and unique ride never gets old. Cruising from place to place, turning heads, and dropping jaws—that’s what it’s all about, right? But we both know that to really leave an impact, you’ll need more than a dressy engine under the hood. The whole package has to be set up just right. And no one understands this attention to detail better than Clayton Machine Works.

Many iconic names in automotive manufacturing have gone to the great state of Tennessee to make something of themselves. So, it’s no surprise that a company dedicated to suiting up American iron would forge its name there. Based in Knoxville, Clayton Machine Works designs and manufactures hot rod parts and custom car accessories with superior quality. With a sharp eye and a steady hand, Clayton offers a trusted line of trim, interior accessories, and engine dress-up components for the street rod and muscle car markets.

Vehicle specific and universal pedal assemblies come hot off the press from this brand, along with elegantly designed door handles, window levers, vents, dash knobs, and lighting accessories. Chrome and billet finishes are available for many of the company’s products. And Clayton even offers inserts to match the taste of any builder.

It’s the Little Things

Custom trim and accessories are to a hot rod what a cherry is to an ice cream sundae. And Clayton Machine Works knows that without those tastefully-designed decorative nuances, that hot rod sundae is incomplete and rather unappetizing. Any classic ride just wouldn’t look right without their touch.

Needless to say, the company is highly respected. Clayton has graced the pages of Street Rodder, Black Top, Super Chevy, and Hot Rod magazine over the years, showcasing its products on ’60s Impalas and Mustangs, ’50s Chevys, and more. Similarly, those products can be found on cars built by everyone from world premier to home garage builders.

For more than a decade, Clayton Machine Works has crafted automotive parts that bring even the most modest of cars to the next level. The company is fueled by a desire to create products that are a step above the rest. Each part is passionately designed using a blend of modern elements and classic style to create something that is both functional and good looking.

“Step up your game and give your interior the attention it deserves,” said LowRider Network. “You won’t be disappointed with the fit, finish, and functionality of these incredible products. So, get familiar with Clayton Machine Works.”

With a commitment to design, quality, and excellence, Clayton Machine Works has what it takes to make your ride pop. But we want to see their parts hard at work on your vehicle of choice. Tag The Engine Block Facebook page with your Clayton Machine Works products. 

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