ATS Diesel Performance Aurora Turbo Kits

ATS Diesel Performance has made a name for itself, striving to deliver the finest available diesel performance parts. Regardless of how you use your truck, from daily driver to racing, ATS has you covered. Their Aurora turbo kits are among the industry’s best. They’re designed to lower exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs) and provide more power across the RPM range. In this article we’ll delve into the Aurora turbo kit offerings for Ford, GM and Dodge/RAM diesel trucks.

Aurora Turbo Kits

Aurora turbo kits are available as drop-in and complete turbo systems, and are suited for most any use. If you want street performance or better power when towing, ATS offers an Aurora kit for your engine and purpose. ATS backs the Aurora Kits with a 5 year or 500,000 mile warranty. That’s a pretty bold statement, as many performance upgrades toe the line between risk and reward. Your reward might be increased Hp. and torque, but you sometimes risk reliability to get it.

Another risk/reward scenario is compliance and street legality. Many performance upgrades come with the caveat of “For Off-Road Use Only.”  Now I ask you, where’s the fun in that? I want my huge horsepower gain, and I want it right here on insert street name here.

The cool thing about our company, is that all of our turbo products and anything we do for fueling, its all emissions compliant. You don’t have to do any delete kits to get to 600-700 Hp.” –Ryan Gelinas; Director of Sales and Marketing at ATS Diesel

Recently at the Keystone Automotive BIG Show, ATS Diesel Performance showed off a 1971 Ford Pickup build featured on Discovery Channel’s “Vegas Rat Rods.”  This “Power Packing F100” (shown in the main image above) is a testament to what can be accomplished when great minds and great products come together.

Is your Power Stroke®, Cummins® or Duramax® Diesel is looking to leap to next-level performance? Look for a local diesel shop that carries ATS Performance Diesel products, and talk to them about where you want to go, and how fast you want to get there.

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