Atstra/Hammond Louvers: 70s Coolness For Your Late Model Mustang

Rear Window Louvers

Rear window louvers were all the rage for muscle cars in their glory days. The popular accessory added style and kept your interior cooler and hidden from prying eyes. It should come as no surprise that louver sales are up, with the rebirth of the modern muscle car. Astra/Hammond, a division of Willpak industries, offers louvers for over 120 different applications, including the red-hot current Mustang Platform.

Plastic Surgery (NOT!)

“Minimally Invasive” is a term you usually hear used referring to cosmetic procedures. Well, Astra/Hammond’s new Mustang rear window louvers will sure give your behind a lift, but there’s no surgery involved.  3M double-sided tape affixed to 6 plastic bases hold the custom-molded louvers in place.  The louvers are available in smooth ABS, textured ABS, or mate black aluminum. Regardless of material the installation is the same.  The Aluminum product is designed to last as long as your vehicle, and provides the best visibility out the rear window (see video below).

Get With The Program

Astra/Hammond’s factory paint program insures that you can get your louvers to look like they grew there.  However, you can simply order the aluminum or smooth ABS versions and bring them to your local body shop or automotive restyle specialist.  They can properly prep and paint match your new rear window louvers to match the factory paint of your beloved Mustang.

Style All Around

Rear window louvers aren’t the only way to add cool factor to your muscle car or sedan. Astra/Hammond offers louvers for side windows, as well as scoops for side windows and hoods.  The Mustang platform is incredibly popular, but Astra/Hammond has the Bowtie and MOPAR set covered as well.  Contact your local shop to find out what might be available for your ride, and chill out in style.

Part Numbers for the 15-17 Mustang:

Aluminum 10617

Textured Black 1575

Smooth ABS 10570

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