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As our world gets more and more hectic there has been an increasing desire to detach from it all whenever we get a chance. Going “off-grid” or unplugging from the rat race helps us recharge and refresh ourselves. Perhaps that’s why last year’s post on Yakima’s SkyRise Rooftop Tent was one of our most read articles. Recently Yakima updated the SkyRise lineup, adding the POLER (8007432) tent.  Poler is a lifestyle brand that takes aim at the casual outdoor aficionado, the action sport extremist, and everyone in-between. Read on and I’ll remind you below about how the Polar edition is similar and different from the other SkyRise rooftop tent models.

Poler SkyRise Rooftop Tent

The Poler rooftop tent (RTT) is a limited edition product born of a joint venture between two friendly companies. Unlike the other SkyRise RTTs, the Poler features a “furry camo” pattern. It stands out while blending in. Designed to sleep 3, the Poler RTT has a base that measures 56″x96″ when pitched, and measures 48″ at the peak. It boasts a weight limit of 600 lbs, and when not in use weights 115 lbs.

SkyRise Rooftop Tent

Common Threads

Like the other members of the SkyRise family, the Poler RTT features an easy-to-pitch design. You could be settled in for the evening just 15 minutes after arriving at your campsite. Part of the beauty of an RTT is that your campsite could be anywhere your vehicle can (legally) take you. A wall-to-wall sleeping pad provides cushy comfort, and a nylon rainfly helps insure you don’t wake up wet. Mesh panel window allow the best of nature in, whilst keeping the biting, stinging parts out.

Yep. The spiders, snakes and skeeters will just have to find another, easier mark. With the Poler SkyRise rooftop tent you can put the world behind you, while keeping nature safely below you.

SkyRise Rooftop Tent

Setup Video

Check out this video demonstrating how easy it is to setup a SkyRise Rooftop Tent.


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