Vehicle Spotlight: 2018 Dodge Durango SRT

Dodge Durango SRT, Unchained

Folks, meet the 2018 Dodge Durango SRT. It’s the newest addition to the SRT clan and is poised to make some serious noise in the market. Why? Because it’s effin’ fast. Yes, a Durango. We’re all familiar with the Dodge Durango by now. This was a ride of choice for parents to cram as many kids in the back as possible on the way to school functions. But it’s no longer just for growing families, or a punching bag for worn-out soccer mom jokes.

The Durango SRT can go from zero to 60 in 4.4 seconds and top off near 120 mph. Why—dear God—do we need street legal cars this fast right off the lot? The Dodge Demon is understandable. That’s track ready. But a stock SUV with the juice of an aftermarket intake, turbo or supercharger, and a good tune? The projected demographic had to be “Ma with a Deathwish” or, we guess, that Dodge really believes the SUV market needs a jolt—can’t disagree there. But the new Durango is, at the very least, broadening the range of “sport” in “sport utility” to the tune of $64,000.

What’s in a Name?

It’s out for blood. Supplementing its speed, the 6.4L HEMI V8 provides it with a fearsome 475 horsepower. And showing glimmers of the past Durango we knew and loved, the 470 lb-ft of torque comes as no surprise. With a towing capacity of 8,600 pounds, the Dodge Durango SRT is simply a powerfully versatile option. So that Reese hitch can tow a small boat in a pinch…

Plus, it just looks mean. It’s sleeker than previous years, with a ventilated hood to make it look even more aggressive and sharp new LEDs. Speaking of aggressive, it weighs practically 7000 lbs. itself and stands 120 inches wide. Blacked-out rims come standard and accentuate the full body makeover.

So, Who’s the Customer?

Perhaps this could be your classic “rough around the edges” story. Sure, the Durango seems extra tough now, but it still has three rows of seating for the family (or a bachelorette party trying to jump across Snake River Canyon). Or hey, maybe we’ve got this new ‘SRT’ guy all wrong, and it’s still that same family vehicle. There’s 84 cubic feet of cargo space, after all (plenty of room for your grenade launcher or pet tiger).

But maybe it’s simply time to face up to facts – they don’t make ’em like they used to. Depending how much of a daredevil you are, that could be the best news you’ve ever heard. Either way, Dodge seems to be making a statement with this one. So, don’t expect it to go anywhere soon. As far as aftermarket goes, we know Kathryn Reinhardt, Marketing Manager at Magnaflow, can’t wait to get her paws on one…and says it’s “one to watch” for 2018.

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