TrailFX Tool Boxes: An Incredible Selection to Suit Any Need

Imagine a truck—it doesn’t really matter the brand. Chances are, when you visualize one, you picture it with a tool box in the bed. They’ve become such a significant part of the American truck world. And honestly, most pickups just look naked without one. And we wouldn’t want your truck to have the misfortune of being caught naked, would we? Do yourself a favor: go check out the incredible selection of TrailFX tool boxes to make sure your pickup is ready for any job, in any kind of weather.

But, why should I consider TrailFX tool boxes?

TrailFX is known for providing affordable, high-quality accessories for all types of vehicles, from fender flares, HD bumpers, and Jeep accessories to lighting solutions, bed mats, and… you guessed it, tool boxes. As the company proudly states, “quality, function, and innovation are key contributors which drive the development of all products under the TrailFX® brand.” But don’t take our word for it. We reached out to Ryan Osborne of TrailFX–our man on the inside–to give us some insight.

Osborne explained that these high-quality products are particularly well-suited for “commercial contractors, fleet crews, those who work in lawn care, or any general truck owner needing a secure space to keep tools, supplies, or cargo safe and secure from the outer elements.” Constructed of either polished 16-gauge aluminum or heavy duty 22-gauge steel, they’re available in White, Gloss Black, and Matte Black powder-coat finishes, ensuring both brawn and beauty.

What styles does TrailFX offer?

Crossover tool boxes—the kind that lay across a truck bed over the rails, just behind the rear window—are probably the most popular style of tool box on the market. In fact, they’re one of the most popular TrailFX tool boxes as well. And with up to 10.5 cubic feet of storage and a five-pocket, heavy-duty plastic storage tray, it’s easy to see why.

Osborne reassured us, though, that TrailFX has plenty more to offer. “Chest style boxes, side mount and top side boxes, underbody storage boxes for flatbed trucks, and trailer tongue boxes are just a few” of this company’s broad product lineup, he said. The extensive selection applies to nearly any application, and ensures that your tools will be kept stable, secure, and free from the harsh elements.

What if I really like my free truck bed space?

As we’ve said before: Here at the Engine Block, we really love truck beds. And some exciting new products for truck bed storage have been coming to market. Full-sized storage units that take up the floor of the bed have been on the rise and with good reason. There’s a major market for which these types of storage systems apply. But that doesn’t push out the demand for standard tool box options. Besides, while bigger units still allow you to store larger cargo on top, they might impede the use of a tool box in some instances. Which can be less-than-ideal for those looking for in-bed tool storage.

Osborne explained that “for those looking for secure storage outside of the cab, while still keeping enough room for bed access for additional needs like hauling larger equipment, tools, or various materials” a standard tool box is still a great option. He mentioned that crossover boxes, ‘Pork Chop’ and double wheel well boxes, as well as topside boxes are all excellent options. (And are all offered by TrailFX!)

“Quality, Durability, Affordability”—those are the words Osborne used to sum up the advantages of the TrailFX line. A simple but apt description, it reinforces the fact that TrailFX is a name everyone should be looking to when suiting up their truck for even the toughest jobs. And that the next time you’re asked to “imagine a truck,” TrailFX tool boxes will come to mind.

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