Paramount’s IMPULSE Grille Transforms your F-150

A grille on a vehicle is like a mouth on a person.  Some are happy, some are sad, some are angry, some are surprised.  Some have big lips. some are toothy, and some seem to have obnoxiously big smiles (I’m looking at you 2nd gen Mazda3 ). But these days, front end styling seems to be all about that menacing look.  It’s taking 5,000 lbs. of metal and making it look like its carrying a mean streak and a bad attitude.  Certainly you’ve seen one of these vehicles behind you at a stop light.  It doesn’t matter if the driver is a Pro Bowl linebacker or the voicer of the green Teletubby, they look like they’re out for blood. Ford has had the devil on their shoulder as of late with their F-150 styling.  Their grilles are big, brawny, and sharp; they look like they wouldn’t give a damn about your kid’s science fair trophy.  But to some, they just aren’t tough enough.  For those drivers, Paramount can take your truck, deprive it of sleep, throw it in a den of lions and put it back on the road with its IMPULSE Grille.

With the Impulse, Paramount Automotive takes the makeup off the front-end of your F-150 and gives it a beefy, threatening, high-end appearance.   Does it remind you of anything?  Maybe a more expensive trim level?  Maybe a certain dinosaur?  We probably don’t need to tell you that Paramount has taken the Impulse’s styling from the ultra-popular Ford Raptor.  So if you don’t need all the bells and whistles of the flagship F-150, but still want the front-end look, this is your solution.  It’s giving you the Raptor appearance without having to shell out $60K.  Heck, if you want to make it an exact doppelganger, there are aftermarket outlets that will sell you the “F” and the “R” letters to spell out “FORD” on the grille–just like the Raptor.  It’s a great option to add that extra snarl to your pickup.

And the great thing about the Impulse is that they aren’t just for the latest model F-150s either.  Paramount offers these for 04-16 model years, as well as for the 99-16 F-250/F-350 Fords as well.  So even if you have a bit of an older model, you can still get the clean, stealthy look of a Raptor-style grille.

Still not convinced? Just take a look at how it transformed this 2016:

Features of the Impulse:

  • Guaranteed to improve vehicle appearance
  • The immediate pulling over of senior citizens in front of you
  • Rigorously tested for fit and finish
  • Replaces entire OE grille assembly
  • Easy installation
  • Accent lights included
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