Get Medieval on your JK: Warrior Side Armor

A JK owner’s life is full of decisions. 35″s or 37″s? 16″s or 17″s? 3″ or 6″?  You could say owning a Jeep is a game of inches.  And those choices just cover the suspension and tires! With hundreds of thousands of aftermarket accessories, no two builds turn out exactly the same.  But one major decision a Jeeper needs to make right off the bat lies in the issue of functionality. Will it primarily be a grocery-getter or trail-tamer? Will unsightly scratches be buffed out immediately or worn as a badge of honor?  Either way, we spend a lot of time, effort, and money on our rigs and unnecessary scrapes make any JK owner’s skin crawl.  The folks at Warrior Products know the feeling and have introduced their Warrior Side Armor to ease our pain!

JK Warrior Side Armor

Warrior Products is a leading manufacturer of exterior trail armor and equipment for the JK and late FJ Cruiser (RIP).  In a sea of aftermarket plastic parts, Warrior’s line features an array of durable steel and aluminum accessories.  Everything from fender flares to bumpers are all carefully designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA.  The Warrior Side Armor takes a different approach from other exterior side protection. While others go with a magnetic ‘skin’ design, Warrior Side Armor screws directly into the door panels of your JK.  This may intimidate some folks, but we think it’s a better solution in the long run.  Magnetic armor certainly cannot hold a candle to the rigid steel/aluminum construction of the Warrior’s.  Additionally there is no worry of theft or dislodging at highway speeds.  Plus the two-tone tuxedo appearance the Warrior Side Armor provides looks downright unique and modern.

Warrior Side Armor FEATURES and BENEFITS

  • Constructed using 14-Gauge Aluminum or Steel
  • Panels come Pre-Drilled
  • Each Set Contains Both Driver AND Passenger Armor
  • Matches Perfectly with Rear Corner, Sideplate, and Cowling Covers from Warrior
  • Offered in Aluminum Diamond Plate, Black Aluminum Diamond Plate, and Smooth Black Steel
  • A Great Option for Overlanding JKs!

So whatever you’re using your Wrangler for, Warrior Side Armor is a great add-on to look into.  Whether it’s from a wayward pine branch or a runaway shopping cart, we could all use a little bit more protection!


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