Fang-tastic! – Owens Presents NEW Venom II Fiberglass Jeep Hood

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Certain Jeep® modifications are not for the faint of heart, or wallet, for that matter. Such mods can separate the posers from the players, while separating you from your cash. They make a huge impact on the overall look of your build. My favorite of the “go big” style mods, is swapping out the OEM Jeep hood. This mod ads style and has real world benefits, but you must buy the hood and then pay to have it painted. That scares off the timid. Make sure to read to the end, as there just may be a tip in there for you that can save you some dough.

Venom II™ Jeep Hood

The JK Wrangler, now in it’s 11th year, comes with a pretty boring hood. It can’t remain boring if you plan to do an aggressive looking Jeep build. Owens Products entered the Jeep market in 2016 with their Venom fiberglass jeep hood, and it took a bite out of a market that desperately needed a new offering. They’ve now followed up that success with the Venom II Jeep hood.

I mentioned above that swapping out your Jeep hood can be largely motivated by looks. However there are two other huge reasons why hoods on any vehicle are replaced. The first would be to shed weight.  Dropping pounds usually means improved performance on the racetrack. To a Jeeper, it means better MPG on their fuel-hungry beast. Adding bigger wheels, larger tires, bumpers, roof racks, steel fender flares and the like can add several hundred lbs. to your rolling mass.  A lightweight fiberglass hood can be of benefit when trying to cut weight. Venom II is 50% lighter than the OEM JK hood.

Jeep Hood
Venom II, Part No. J15003

Its Getting Hot In Here

The other reason to swap your hood, is ventilation. Jeeps are notorious for running hot, and overheating on the trail is just not an option. A vented hood that either lets hot air out or forces cooler air in can keep a Jeep from a perilous breakdown at the intersection of Wrong Place and Bad Timing Way. The Venom series hoods are vented. The new Venom II features a single front-facing vent to allow cooler air to flow. If you really run hot, then the original Venom may be for you, as it is a true reduction hood. Venom II can be had for less money, so it really depends on your needs which is right for you.

Jeep Hood
Owens Venom Original Vented Hood

Quality And Affordability

Venom and the all-new Venom II Jeep Hood are hand crafted in the USA. They are well braced and provide a solid structure while rock crawling. They are purchased unpainted. Owens ships them to distributors “paint ready.”  If you are considering replacing your hood, look for a reputable local body shop and get a paint quote to match your Jeep’s color.  Make sure they don’t just go by the MOPAR paint code printed on the sticker inside your Jeep’s door. Have them “shoot” your hood with a tool that measures the exact color of your Jeep. This is especially important if your Jeep is a few years old, as the paint has surely changed since it rolled out of Toledo.

Also,  GET CREATIVE!. You can Paint the hood to match your Jeep, but paint the metal mesh that sits in front of the vent a contrasting color. It’s your Jeep so make it reflect your unique style.

Most shops will even remove the old hood, install the new one, and possibly possibly even take your old hood in trade towards the labor. This can save you the pain and aggravation of trying to sell it yourself on Craigslist. Venom II can save you some money over other more expensive hoods, save weight, fuel, and your tail!.


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