BOLT One Key For 2018 Renegade and Wrangler JL

The Jeep® brand is synonymous with adventure. If you need proof of this statement, just check out the new Jurassic Park throwback commercial they debuted during the Big Game this week (below). To make the most of any adventure, you need to bring the right gear. You also need to protect that gear, and that’s why BOLT One Key Technology makes such a great match for the 2018 Jeep Renegade and Wrangler JL.

A Bit ‘Bout BOLT Locks

BOLT locks are designed to work with your vehicle’s ignition key. You simply purchase the correct lock for your vehicle and insert your key. Once you turn your key in the BOLT lock cylinder, you permanently program the lock to your ignition key.  The patented technology creates one-key convenience that is a must-have once you experience the benefits. I currently have a coupler lock on my hitch, and a cable lock to secure gear in my cargo rack. BOLT manufactures a wide variety of common locks like padlocks, cable locks, on and off-vehicle coupler locks as well as some specialty locks for Jeep vehicles.

Center Cut. It’s Not Just For Pork Roast

The 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL and Renegade models employ a center-cut key design. BOLT has just announced the availability of product that work with these hot new Jeep vehicles.

Jeep owners typically bring a lot of gear with them on their outdoor adventures. Our BOLT Locks help them secure everything from their trailer to their rooftop mounted valuables with just one key, their ignition key. BOLT Lock products have become very popular within the Jeep community. We’ll be expanding our offerings with a new Jeep Hood Lock, Jeep Spare Tire Carrier Lock and J-Mount Locks in the coming months” -” BOLT National Sales Manager Erika Garcia

Specialty Locks

As mentioned in the above quote, BOLT has some really cool Jeep specific product to help enhance the adventure while providing the ultimate in convenience and security. Their J-Mount Lock allows for the mounting and locking of a Hi-Lift (and now Smittybilt) off-road jack.  Designed to fit 1997-2018 TJ and JK models, the J-Mount bolts to existing holes in the Wrangler’s window bracket on either the driver or passenger side. As mentioned above,

Hood locks are considered important in the Jeep community to those that may have compressors, air intakes or lighting controllers installed. The standard hood latches can be easily opened by any would-be thief. BOLT’s JJK Hood Lock will not allow the Wrangler’s hood to be raised without the ignition key, a very daunting deterrent. Both these and other Jeep-specific products will be coming the the JL from Bolt shortly.

BOLT Locks

Jurassic Classic

The Jurassic Park franchise launched in 1993, and the modified Jeep Wrangler Sahra played a major supporting role. That’s why it was so awesome to see Jeep revive the role with a 2018 JL for a new generation of Jurassic fans.  Check it out!


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