Bestop New Must-Have Jeep Soft Top – In COLOR

The 2018 JL Wrangler is just around the corner, but the current Wrangler platform (JK/JKU 07-17) still holds the throne. JK Wranglers will still be available in 2018 as to ease the transition to the heir apparent.  So it makes sense for Bestop, industry leader in Jeep® soft tops and accessories, to offer something bold and new for the JK.  Trektop NX Plus is the newest soft top from Bestop.  It’s great new features and color options arrive just in time to be the ideal soft top replacement for an older JK. NX Plus is also a cool way to add an accent color to your new Jeep. Let’s take a closer look…

Just Crushing It

When it comes to Jeep soft tops, Bestop is just crushing it.  Crushed Red Pepper is one of 4 non-black color options for the Trektop NX Plus. NX Plus Jeep soft tops are also available in Navy Blue, Granite Grey, Oak Tan and Pebble Beige in addition to Black Twill.  Designed to compliment (not match) the Wrangler factory paint colors, the NX Plus will surely be a hit with Jeep customizers.   Since these colors are brand new for Bestop, you may want to see first-hand what they look like before deciding.  I strongly suggest going to you local Jeep specialist or Bestop dealer and ask to see a color swatch. You can also request swatches directly, by contacting Bestop Customer Service. Contact information appears below.

FABulous Jeep Soft Top

When I first started in sales, I was taught to “F.A.B.” a product to a prospective buyer.

Tell them the Features: What it is

Tell them the Advantages: What it does

Tell them the Benefits: What it does for THEM

Let’s FAB the new Trektop NX Plus Jeep soft top.

  • Feature: Sunrider™
  • Advantage: Allows you to open the area above the front seats from inside the Jeep
  • Benefit: You’ll have instant access to open air driving, without having to leave your seat!

Jeep soft top

This to me, is the single-greatest innovation in Jeep tops, ever. Today I drove my Jeep to work and there was frost on my roll bars. At lunch , it was 75° and sunny. Such is life in Northeast Pennsylvania in October.  A Trektop NX Plus would allow me to easily open the roof and let the sunshine warm me, when the impulse hits me at the first red light. No getting out, no walking around the Jeep. Instant sun.

  • Feature: Hybrid zipper/zipperless design
  • Advantage: Easy removal/reinstall of windows
  • Benefit: Your fingers and knuckles will have a much easier spring and fall having less zippers to deal with, and you’ll have more time to enjoy the open air experience because top-down driving will be far less of a hassle

Do I take the windows out?  This is the question I ask myself all summer long, and the answer comes after a cost/benefit analysis based on weather reports and time. Is it worth the time and effort?  Well with Trektop NX Plus, it takes less time and is much easier.

The NX Plus Jeep soft top also uses your Jeeps tailgate bar and door surroounds, insuring a tight, waterproof fit.

All In The Family

Here is a handy graphic that helps see how the NX Plus fits in to the Bestop Jeep soft top family:

Jeep soft top

Color Swatches:

Simply email your name and mailing address to — or call Bestop Customer Service Department at (800) 845-3567 for assistance.




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