No Nonsense: Ballistic Off-Road Wheels

Upgrading the wheels for your Jeep, SUV, or truck can often make a dramatic change in overall appearance.  Unfortunately these days, wheel manufacturers know this, and can grab you by the throat with pricing.  Getting a good looking set of socks for your ride can set you back well over a grand.  And if you’re running a full-size wheel/tire spare combo, then you’ve got an extra mouth to feed.  For some, this investment may mean having to go with a spacer lift instead of a full suspension setup.  Or maybe opting for that 8K winch instead of the 12K.  Or going with a cheap Chinese lighting option rather than a reputable LED outfit.  Or running a cassette deck rather than Bluetooth.  OK, the last one is a bit of a stretch, but you get my point.  Why is it so hard to find a good looking set of wheels for a reasonable price?  This conundrum is at the heart of Ballistic Off-Road’s business model.  In 2011 they set out to make a solid set of wheels that wouldn’t break the bank.  And they’ve succeeded.


Ballistic Off-Road was born from of a need in the market for a complete no-nonsense off-road wheel line.  In a few short years, they’ve built a portfolio of over a dozen unique, trendy, and appealing chrome and black wheels.  Whether you’re looking to stand out or fit in, they’ve got a solution.  Just take a look at some of their styles–I’m partial to the Beast with red accents, myself.  Anything with a tasteful splash of color gets high marks in my book.







Got yourself some of those Rampage camo fender flares?  The Ballistic Jester in Camo needs to be your next set of wheels!  Slap these on a set of Cepek’s or Toyo’s, and in no time you’ll be standing out by blending in!

Jester Camo

Whether it be a stock truck, leveled out rig, or full bore 4×4, Ballistic Off-Road has a wheel carefully engineered for you! And the best part, you’ll have cash still in your pocket for other aftermarket goodies!

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